May 11, 2015

Taking a Walk: A Remedy for the Soul.


One of the greatest and most effective remedies to any illness of the soul is a leisurely stroll in the company of no one but yourself.

Pick a neighborhood you love and allow yourself to wander aimlessly, with no particular destination. Take my word for it, not all those who wander are lost.

Breathe in the scent-loaded air and exhale the dusty, mothball-smelling residue trapped in the corners of your lungs. Allow the sun to embrace your body, you aren’t a vampire. Sweat it out; drench your clothes with murky water once stagnant between each cell of your body and the next.

Search for the shade where the cats lay stretched, their chests heaving with deep breaths. That’s where you’ll find the coolest breeze; cats are experts. And let the breeze kiss your cheeks with the tenderness of a lover you never had.


Look at the colors around you, the way they actually are; without an LED screen between them and your eyes. The green is a little dusty and the pink has a graceful yet popping brightness to it.

Seeking the yellow daisies sprouting between the cracks of the earth beneath your feet is your only excuse to look down. And I recommend you do, for these daisies have replaced the sun as my epitome of glorious yellow.

Venture into streets you’ve never walked before and take the risk of getting lost. Actually, get lost, you’ll be surprised by how you unconsciously find your way again. Realize that this is exactly how life is, only on a larger scale. We’re all lost for a while, but it’s never a permanent state.

Bump into that tiny coffee shop hidden in an alley in the shadow of the trees’ canopy. Order the most exotic drink on the menu as takeout and savor that first sip as you marvel at the architectural beauty of the vintage house next door.

Be late for class. You’ve been on time for 14 whole years. You can study tomorrow and phone calls can definitely wait another hour so keep your phone on silent.

Explore alleys so tiny you’ll probably never find them again and smile to people you’ll only cross paths with for this instant.

Surrender to your surroundings; allow them to gently touch you and suck out all that’s bubbling inside; a friendly Dementor and a proven cure for your restless soul.


Author: Mennat-Allah Zhony

Editor: Alli Sarazen

Photo: Courtesy of Author

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