May 6, 2015

The End of Self Indulgence. {Poem}


Baltimore burns—injustice fuels violence.

Nepal grieves amidst debris—undeserved.

Kenya still mourns—fragments of lives.

California chokes on thirst—no tears to spare.

The sun stabs, relentlessly—spears falling fiercely.


Our world unravels, one thread at a time.

Cut the loose ends, no one is watching—

so easily distracted with a diet or a dress.

It hurts so much, I should do yoga today.

Drive across town with the windows rolled up.

It’s dangerous out there—this street could be next.

I can’t reach enlightenment with so much strife on my mind.


The world is so cruel, I should love myself better.

An ice cream will do, or a new pair of shoes.

I could plan a vacation, someplace warm and untouched,

leaving my footprints for locals to clean up.

Carbon and karma, scattered like mad fallen notes

from our busted world blues.



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Author: Peter Schaller

Editor: Catherine Monkman

Photo: Pixabay


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