May 6, 2015

The Soulful Gardener. {Poem}

garden of my soul

I cast my gaze across the garden

And considered three dead trees.
They stood pretending to be windbreaks
But the storms still raced right in.

I took up an axe and cut them down
So that I might plant new things.
And as each tree came tumbling down,
The brilliant sun shone through.

The golden light warmed my face
And a smile crept across.
But as I turned the soil anew,
Found dead tree roots lingered still.

And not until I dug them up
Would any new plants grow.
So, spade in hand, I set to work
And pulled up every one.

Birds fluttered to and fro,
And helped to turn the dirt.
Until the earth lay soft and bare
Waiting for new growth.

My smile now grew wider and
My soul filled up with wonder,
For I could now plant anything,
Anything at all.


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The Gardener of My Soul.


Author: Sarah Trickey

Assistant Editor: JoJo Rowden/ Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

Photo: courtesy of the author

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