May 19, 2015

Traits of an Awakened Tantric Goddess. {Nudity}


An empowered, sexually awakened, divinely feminine Tantric Goddess radiates love, light and sensual energy and she is more powerful than most things on earth.

The divinity of the Goddess’s energy can be found within both males and females and it is often seen as a muse that guides us, inspires us and reveals our inner truths.

I find it ironic that generally speaking women throughout recent history are widely taught to hide their sexuality, clouding it in shame and blocking the flow of feminine energy. This has caused many females to allow males to lead this erotic dance. This approach is far from the beliefs of ancient Tantric practices.


Many years ago there were ancient temples devoted to the Goddess Aphrodite, also known as the Goddess of love, sex and passion. Societies centred round the Goddess Religion and females were held in high esteem, revered and worshipped as Goddesses.

All females across all cultures should be worshipped as Goddesses so that the divine aspect of femininity that is lying dormant can be released. When this happens, we will eradicate the inequalities that females suffer due to gender, and this will eventually lead to a healthier, happier, more loving and balanced society for all.

Tantra is an art and a science that holds the key, which can transform the sexual relationships we link to our bodies and also to our partners. Tantra combines sexuality, sensuality and spirituality and celebrates the sacredness of sex, which through practice helps to develop a heightened awareness within the mind, body and spirit.

In Tantra, the Mahavidyas, the 10 great Goddesses of wisdom represent the spectrum of divine motherhood, ranging from quite horrific depictions at one end, to very gentle images at the other. The study of these 10 Goddesses is beneficial as each person connects a part of her own psyche that resonates with each of the Goddess’s psyches.

A video of the image of each of these Goddesses is shown in the video below.

The Yoni (vagina) or womb is seen as a Yantra, which is the sacred place that holds universal creative energy known as Shakti. Shakti is the embodiment of the Goddess, with its meaning being power and strength.

Tantric Goddesses honour themselves with self-respect, self-love and recognise their healing, graceful, empowering and transformational energy, allowing it to radiate through all layers of their being.

A Tantric Goddess is at one with another powerful Goddess, Mother Nature. She understands that universal life force energy (Prana) flows through and around all things on earth, whether alive or still. She connects with the energy in the air and fully breathes in nature, appreciating and feeling the sensations that each inhalation and exhalation brings.


A Goddess will walk barefoot to feel the grains of sand between her toes and will stand under rainfall casting her arms up to the sky to embrace the magic that each moment brings.

A Tantric Goddess respects all areas of her life and knows that healing takes place through a various channels such as food, mantras, sex, music, dancing, singing, meditation, Yoga, touch, communication, movement and much more.

Tantric Goddesses do not place value on the outer beauty of the skin or see that as the attraction; it is the beauty of the inner spiritual power and energy that vibrates through the heart, spirit, body and mind that is adored and worshipped.

Tantric Goddesses align with the beliefs of Laksminkara, who was one of the founding mothers of Tantric Buddhism. Laksminkara taught that yoginis are embodiments of female deity therefore nothing external will constrict her.

In line with Laksminkara, a Goddess is free to eat whatever she chooses and dress as she sees fit as she does not use clothing or her naked body as a tool to receive sexual objectifications. The Goddess can go wherever she wishes and behave exactly as she pleases and as long as she is mindful and respectful, she does not need to concern herself with the judgements of others.

The Goddess in Laksminkara’s teachings does not worry about committing to a relationship, she will date as, and whom, she pleases and sees coupling as a form of accelerating the path to her own enlightenment and also deepening the practice of the person she is in company with. She has no regard for those who wish to cast judgment and she certainly does not date to lift her own self-worth, self-esteem or to seek approval.


The Tantric Goddess uses the healing power of sound to cleanse and purify the body and psyche. Mantras can be spoken, hummed or sang to generate the sensations that are felt within the sacred areas of a female, such as the womb or Yoni (vagina). The Goddess will give sound to the inner vibrations so that they resound at the same frequency to those of other Goddesses. She will instinctively tune in to the sensations resounding from her sacred areas and use sound to connect with them, allowing them to vibrate through the body, releasing tensions and creating a powerful healing practice as they flow.

A Tantric Goddess sees the divine Goddess in all other females she meets and never judges, criticises or condemns another woman. She sees other females as sacred sisters and embraces them with loving support at all times.

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A Goddess knows that jealousy, comparisons and being in competition with other women serves to block the flow of the divine energy that females need to be fully empowered. Tantric Goddesses compliment, express gratitude and hold one another in high-esteem and form harmonious bonds so that their energies ignite.

When a Tantric Goddess views herself in a mirror naked she does not focus on any part of her body in a negative manner. She sees her body as a unique and magnificent vehicle, and the beauty and radiance she perceives is what is beneath the skin. Any notions or expectations that society places on beauty are cast aside from the Goddess’s mind. She understands that negative thinking is harmful and toxic to the body, just as it is to the mind.

A Tantric Goddess chooses to be around men that love, worship, respect and revere their divine feminine spirituality, sensuality and sexuality, understanding that she can bring a heightened level of spiritual growth, clarity, spiritual transformation and accelerated awakening. Just as the man sees the Shakti energy within the female, the female will acknowledge and honour the Shiva energy that is found within a male.

A Tantric Goddess has no shame about any forms of sexual expression. She takes pleasure in romantic, sensual, passionate and erotic sex, viewing it as a sacred act and one that is a form of healing and a way of engaging and connecting with the body, soul and mind.

The Goddess knows that to give and receive the full sensations that can be found within sensual pleasure, the heart centre must be open. Each sexual moment spent with a Goddess will be one that requires both minds to be fully present and open to receiving the maximum amount of sensation so that every fibre of the being is awakened.


Tantric Goddesses understand that they possess the energy and the power to change the world. They can only do this when they activate their divine energy within, awaken the sleeping Goddess in themselves and that lies dormant in all other women, so they can unite and take back the highly honoured place in society they once held.

Tantric Goddesses are above all else creators. United they are capable of achieving harmony and equality so that suffering will subside and finally the world will begin to heal.





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Author: Alexsandra Myles

Editor: Travis May

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