May 7, 2015

What Yoga Taught Me.

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Yoga came to me at a time in my life where I was lost beyond belief.

I had always been the type of woman who had her life planned out, and thought if I had a life checklist I would achieve all of my goals.

Well… I didn’t take into account that everything is always changing.

After I had thrown all of my eggs into one basket, the basket was ripped from my griped hands and I was forced to rebuild my life. I didn’t know where to begin.

I immersed myself with friends and family and looked for new hobbies—in those new hobbies, I found yoga.

Something about the intense physical and spiritual journey that I took on that magic yoga mat made me fall in love. I began to learn gratitude, finding peace within myself and my chaotic, jaded mind. And, most importantly, I found self-love.

Yoga saved me from the dark abyss I was in.

Yoga taught me to love myself. How could I expect anyone else to love me, if I did not love and honor myself?


  1. Yoga taught me that my body is beautiful. We may not all be a size zero. We may not all rock those teeny Lululemon hot shorts in class. We are all different on the outside, but the same within. Yoga taught me to be accepting of myself and the way I was divinely created. I have curves that you may not. You have abs that I may not. But you are you and you are beautiful. I am me and I am beautiful! Standing in front of that mirror, I watched my body move in a flow that was expressive of my soul—I found beauty.
  2. Yoga taught me peace in my mind. I now know that when my mind is rambling and my heart aches, the only thing I need to do is either get on my mat and flow through the racing, or slow down and sit in complete silence to meditate it out of me. Yes! Meditate that sh*t out of you!
  3. Yoga taught me truth. What is truly real. What truly matters. My breath. Listening to my body. My soul. Love. This is what matters. Not that my hair is blonde and long. Or what designer clothes I own. These clothes will not be with me till the end of time. My breath will. My body will. My soul will. Love will!
  4. Yoga taught me patience. Well, it’s teaching me patience. Discovering a pose that you love, but working to get to the next level in it—that takes patience. The beginning of my practice, headstands were the most important pose to me because I wanted to perfect it. And because of that, I still struggle with it. It’s not about the asana and perfecting the alignment and completion—it’s about your body and your mind in that pose. Because I placed a value on it, I must be willing to accept that I will never “perfect” it, but I can sure as heck know that my body feels strong in the core and free in my headstand.
  5. Yoga taught me that everything changes. One day I can do a split, the next day I can’t. Who cares?! Every day is a new one. Every day is different. Just another way to awaken you on this journey of life. So, take each day with gratitude for it being granted to you. Enjoy each moment for what it is teaching you!
  6. Yoga taught me self-love! I am beyond grateful for everything that makes me uniquely me—the good, bad and ugly. My mind for all that it is awaken to, all that it comprehends, all that it learns, all that it overcomes. My heart with its ability to see everyone’s potential and love with a nurturing passion from the depths of my own soul. My soul for its ability to continue this journey after taking many unexpected side routes and back roads. And my body. It wakes every morning and breathes every second for me. It embraces all that our Mother has bestowed upon us.


On this journey of life lessons, yoga truly amped up the discovery of myself. Yoga awakened within me the components of love and light.

And it could not have happened if I never learned to love myself.



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Author: Hannah Hilton

Editor: Emily Bartran

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