May 12, 2015

When you are Ready for Love. {Poem}


free spirit

I’ll wait. Impatiently.

Though I’ll try to be patient, for you are worth the wait.

In the meantime, if you read this, there are a few things I want you to know.

I can’t live on ordinary love. That love exhausted me. It left me cold.

It bent my ribcage out of place and allowed my heart to leave.

Every day that ordinary love tore at me.

It drove me to insanity to release and escape forsaken hours.

I was paralyzed. Frozen. Still on a ground that was never mine to stand.

Tedious years spent pandering to a love that frantically tried to control.

I honoured that love. I sacrificed for it, I was crucified and I died 1000 deaths.

Please, don’t offer me that love. For I want more.

Far more.

I believe in fantasy’s dreams.

We’ll lay entwined, embraced in limbs.

I dare to tread a tightened rope, dance with stormy seas.

I don’t want security.

Nor for arms to shield my bones.

I’m not asking for commitment. We’ve both sold souls, been reborn and sold them once more.

Give me freedom, your trust, your unconditional acceptance.

Cherish the seconds together. Celebrate moments apart.

I love wildly, madly. It absorbs my waking hours.

I love like fairy tales, enchanted worlds and places no one goes.

I shiver at stability, chaos rules my mind.

I give my love to everyone.

And everything.

I’m not yours to own.

I never will be. Though, you’ll always have a part of me. You’ll seep into my skin.

I will fly. Freely. With and without you.

Don’t judge me for it.

Don’t pull me back, clip my wings, hold me down or wound me with your thoughts.

I don’t need that love.

There is no love in judgement.

Walk barefoot with me, step on grass that’s freshly grown.

I want to push all my extremes, live on the edge.

Explore sensations in your touch.

When you are ready, but only if you are sure…

Come meet me somewhere.

Though not in smoky bars or dinner amongst glitz.

I won’t step on prints where echoed lovers roam.

We’ll go where wild wolves roam, we will run, howl and hunt.

Let’s walk on bridges that will burn out fearless footsteps.

Fly with the phoenix, watch the wind blow through the ash.

Don’t play safe with me. Show me all you’ve got.

I won’t judge, I won’t persecute, I won’t change or shape your soul.

Be real with me.

That’s all I ask.

Let me see you naked, in your clothes.

Leave your past behind, as I’ve left mine.

Let’s not look too far ahead. Let’s beat wildly as we breathe.

We will fall, riding shooting stars.

When you’re ready.

When we meet.

We’ll burn.


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Author: Alex Sandra Myles

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

Image: flickr

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