June 3, 2015

3 Basic Tools for Creating Happiness.


At some point we all get stuck.

We find ourselves lost in transition, a crisis or directionless, going through the motions of day-to-day life, hoping that something will shake us out of our funk, make us feel alive again. Happy!

What is happiness anyway? We go through life, happy at times, sad at times, but happiness doesn’t just happen. Most of us know it’s not external, like retail therapy, a lover, career or money, although all of those help….sometimes!

So, what gives? How can we create, manufacture or find happiness and create the next best version of ourselves—You 2.0!

A few weeks ago, I saw a quote that said: “The best way to save the world, is to save yourself first.” Think about it—if everyone in our world took care of their sh*t first, and got conscious, mindful, aware and happy, our world would be a different place!

As a life coach, the quote inspired me to share some simple guidelines that can be applied to any area of your life to bring better results, no matter where your life is now.

Adding these tools to your arsenal will assist you on your life path and help to create a better future by creating a happier you, now. This is where the true state of happiness is. It’s a learned grace; an internal process of unfolding and awakening.

But first things first: you know we create our own reality and experience, right? How does that happen?! Hearing this for the first time can be tough, especially if you don’t like the reality you are living! You might think this is just a bunch of hippy dippy stuff and not believe it, but stay with me here…I’m a nerdy girl on a mission to demystify happiness through science.

Quantum physics is the study of matter and energy at the sub-atomic level. Scientists have proven that we create our realities every day with the thoughts we have and emotions we experience.

They understand that everything (you, me, your car, our thoughts, trees, rocks, emotions, a smoothie, clouds) is made of sub-atomic level particles and waves that transfer energy and create vibration.

Waves are responsible for moving energy from place to place, like sound waves, brain waves, light waves and radio waves to name a few. Every thing, at its essence, is vibration and frequency. I know this sounds way out there, but it’s not way out there, it’s right here, right now and all around us. We’re living in a unified field and quantum soup of pure potentiality.

What this means, at the risk of sounding totally hippy dippy, is that at the quantum level, no matter our differences of skin color, gender or species we’re all made from the same “stuff” and are connected by and in this matrix.

We really are all one!

Now, since everything in the universe is made of matter, energy and vibration, the universe itself is vibrational and uses “entanglement,” a quantum physics term describing the way particles of energy and matter become linked and enable them to interact with each other, regardless of how far apart they are.

Very simply, like attracts like.

This means when our thoughts and emotions send out waves of frequencies, they draws in things and experiences that we are “entangled” with, attracting what we are in vibrational harmony or disharmony with, whichever is dominant. Your dominant frequency is determined by your thoughts and mental attitude, about your life in general or the challenges you are facing.

Okay, enough about the universe and vibration! Let’s get these tools out and start using them, now. Why now? Because the past is gone, the future is not here and we only have now to work with.

So, where are your thoughts? Your emotions? Your vibration? Are you living the highest expression of your self? It’s okay if you’re not…we are where we are. Start using the tools below and watch your life change before your eyes. Perception is reality after all. These tools lower stress and create happiness now.

Tool #1: Care about the quality of our thoughts at all times.

This takes practice and a homework assignment: A Thought Menu. Grab your journal and some paper and on the left side, start a column, writing down your predominant, negative thoughts.

On the right side, write the opposite or positive thought to replace the negative one. Make it fun! Make it dreamy. Make it big! Going forward, if/when you find yourself thinking the negative thought, catch yourself and instantly replace it with the new one. Smile.

Tool #2: Practice! Don’t let yourself engage in negative thinking, worry or regret.

Don’t get wrapped up in gossip, rehash drama or your own negative stories. This only reinforces your perceptions. As you begin to choose the better thoughts, you will automatically raise your emotion and vibration and attract things you want into your life.

Tool #3: Juice it!

This means, think about what you want a lot and let it flood you with the emotion of having it. Daydream, make vision boards, create a mantra, do a little dance, wear the tan, whatever makes you “juice.” Then, feel the emotion and hold the intention for as long as you can, knowing that science has your back.

Remember, only you have the power to make yourself happy. It’s a state and a grace no one can take away from you. By choosing good thoughts and holding intention, You 2.0 fuels your vibe, “entangles” with experiences you want and is the truest act of co-creation.



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Author: Rossana Jeran

Editor: Catherine Monkman

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