June 12, 2015

3 Essential Traits of Conscious Masculinity.


Conscious masculinity is a growing topic of interest of late.

It’s a confusing term, a label around which judgments abound.

What is conscious? What makes a man aware? What does it mean to be a so-called “spiritual man”?

These are anxiety-producing questions because in the modern world of relationships, being “not spiritual enough” has become a legitimized excuse for ending a relationship.

When it comes down to it, the conscious male can never fit the idea or mold presented in a book, blog list or philosophy. Vibrant and empowered, the awakened man is, at heart, an individual who knows who he is.

While we’re all different, the following could be considered three core traits of conscious masculinity:

1. Devotion

We love our lives, our work, our communities and our families more than words. We channel that love and devotion into action—ceaselessly and often without recognition, appreciation and even against all odds. The awakened man knows the power of love and knows it is the driving power behind every action such a person takes.

Devotion will guide a person to learn about themselves so they can better serve their family. The conscious masculine nurtures, sustains, protects and empowers others out of love. He knows that the practical awareness that people who are happy, empowered and both living and thriving with their talents improves the lives of many.

He believes that love provides the secure foundation for everything beneficial in life to thrive and that devotion grants immeasurable strength of heart and spirit.

Devotion is what put loves into action. This is what he lives by.

2. Will

Will is what turns that love into abundance—it is the will to put devotion into practice, in every aspect of life, in every way.

Life lasts until death.

This means the attitudes, concepts, philosophies and approaches to being loving need to be followed through with, again and again, in all circumstances. When faltering, getting back up and going forward. When stymied into inaction, finding the courage and means to resolve, solve and continue onward.

Self-knowledge does not happen over night. It’s a lifelong journey. Ancient texts claim it lasts for many lives, even eternally. Some call it “staying the course”. 

The will to act, to persevere, to reconsider attitudes or ways of living and to be humble all require strong self-esteem and willpower.

3. Humility

So much about becoming aware has nothing to do with learning anything new. Consciousness demands self-knowledge. That demands unlearning.

What do we unlearn?

All the false ideas about men, masculinity and what it means to be a man in our world and society. The aware man does not feel the need to constantly defend their ego, ideas, perceptions, stories or past. It is through humility that a larger perspective about life is presented.

The incomplete masculine takes pride in taking punches physically. Why not be strong enough to listen to and validate differing perspectives?

Being able to take a punch is a great skill for neanderthals. Being able to allow one’s self-esteem and ego to be challenged, and remain kind, loving and receptive gives a secure foundation for communication, relationships and love.

By unlearning, the sources of stress and false ideas we try to live up to, go away.

Humility is strength that gives one the ability to stand with vulnerability and to relinquish the ideas, attitudes and emotional perceptions that cause stress and wreak havoc.

When a beloved is calling us to task, humility has the strength to listen to their view, to consider and validate their feelings, and to transcend emotional reaction.

Humility is a gateway to being responsive, in the moment.

Humility allows one to grow in respect and understanding of other people, to develop listening skills and deepen relationships, to adopt new methods and approaches that improve the quality of life and experience.

What remains after being humble is the true self, the authentic individual.

The conscious masculine. Empowered. Responsive. Liberated.


There is no one action and no huge list of steps to take for being an awakened male.

He is simply himself.

The question is, who is that?


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Author: Keith Artisan

Editor: Alli Sarazen

Photo: Brady Baster/Flickr

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