June 7, 2015

7 Ways to Ramp up Your Accountability.

accoutability meeting

Having trouble manifesting?

Know what you want to do but having trouble following through? This was my problem, big time.

I realized I needed the support of another person to stay on track and hold myself accountable. I asked a friend if they wanted to be “accountability partners” to do weekly check ins on achieving our goals and guess what? It’s working!

I’ve done more in the past eight months than in the past two years.

I’ve created this video with tips to make your meetings super effective.

Here are a few additional tips to the five points in the video:

1. Regular Meeting time.

Meet at the same time every week and also commit to this for at least three months to fully develop the habit. It’s easy to let it go during the first month. Put it in your calendar for at least three months. Remember, it takes at least 30-40 days to develop a habit. Stick with it, the rewards are many!

2. Have a spreadsheet.

This is mandatory for tracking how things are going!

Try this: have a list of categories across the top. My categories are youtube videos, stand up comedy performances, finances, and community. I suggest no more than three to five columns. You don’t need to put everything on here.

Set yourself up for success, not for overwhelm.

3. Under each category, put in just one task that you want to accomplish in the next week. 

Keep it doable. Before your next meeting, populate the next row with what you actually did that week. The row after that you’ll populate at the end of your meeting with what you’ll do the next week. See my email at the end of this article. I can send you my template.

4. Find an amazing partner.

I suggest reaching out to a few different people. See how serious they are. Ask them what their goals are for the next year. Avoid those who are only talking about what they want to do and not actually doing. You want someone who’s already developed a bit of momentum. Also, I don’t suggest a romantic partner to work with—keep your relationship, your relationship.

5. Take ownership.

Create agreements with your partner for when you miss the mark. I like a three strikes and then revisit approach. If you’ve not done your task after three weeks it’s time to dive deeper and ask “why?” Maybe the task needs to be broken into smaller chunks, maybe it’s actually not the most important task to do, or maybe there is some old story/emotional barrier keeping you from moving forward.

Talk to your partner about it, as the weeks go on you’ll get clarity.

6. Celebrate successes.

Do not get down on your partner or yourself, do celebrate your successes! Celebrating success is how you become even more successful.

7. When you or your partner nail something on your list say out loud, “yes!” and put your arms up in the air (I totally do this).

Bringing in the physical movement is a wake up call to your brain that you’ve been successful. You literally start to rewire your brain to focus on the wins. Get your brain working for you!

I’m loving my weekly meetings. They are inspiring, connective, and challenging to my old patterns. There are days when I can’t wait to get on my call with my partner and share what I’ve done and days when I’ve got my tail between my legs a bit, but I know either way I’m building my accountability muscles which leads me more quickly to creating the life I want.

So do it and let me know how it goes!

Send an email to and I’ll send you the template we’ve created for our meetings. It’s super effective!


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Author: Daniel Flynn 

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

Photo: courtesy of the author

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