June 17, 2015

Cheerful Birthday to Lady Elephant.

lindsey block

Dear Reader,

It’s elephant’s Lindsey’s birthday.

She’s been with us for 6.5 years, since she was an intern with us when we were a print magazine. She’s 28, now. She’s now our associate publisher and co-Chief of Operations. We love her so much. She’s strong-willed (to put it mildly), sweet, stylish, caring and always laughing and smiling. Unless she hasn’t eaten in a few hours, in which case—stay away.

If you happen to know her, or have had some interaction with her, or just want to be sweet, wish her some love or better yet share a memory of her, below!

This post will be updated with paragraphs of memories of love from each of elephant’s little team throughout the day. ~ Waylon Lewis

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From Caroline Beaton: 

I attended Waylon’s ugly Christmas sweater party at “Hotelephant” (his house) last winter before I was officially hired for elephant, but we all kind of knew it was headed that way. Lindsey had flown in from San Diego and was wearing something ugly with a huge smile on her face. I’d met her only once before at a Yoga Journal conference–when I was wearing lulus and bitching that elephant hadn’t accepted one of my pieces—but she gave me a huge welcome hug. They’d been drinking all day, she joked, maybe it was joke—did I want to join? Lindsey isn’t a hostess; she’s just a kind, fun, welcoming, sharp person with so-so fashion (winky emoticon). Happy birthday to the best COO I know!


From Renee Picard: 

Thank you for your tireless efforts holding all of the bits and pieces of elephant together so well each day and every which way. I love how you get us/hold us all together online and in person, coordinating with this perfect balance of diplomacy and your big huge heart. Thanks for being you.


From Catherine Monkman: 

Lindsey: A classy lady, but not too classy—she knows the perfect time to drop an f-bomb or throw in a bare-butt mooning emoticon during sort-of-serious meetings. In fact, she won me over completely the day I saw her sexy legs…emoticon. Really, though, working with Lindsey, I am constantly amazed at how patient and calm she is, even in the hairiest situations. She definitely makes all of us laugh, and she’s one of the smartest elephants I know! She’s a beautiful person, in and out. Happy birthday Lindsey!


From Emily Bartran: 

Lindsey—my fellow sort-of-kind-of introvert, beer-loving, perfectly-awkward elephant soulmate. Thank you for waking up every day and keeping this motley crew of elephants in line, dealing with our (okay, my) 12 million Skype questions, and the way you somehow manage to maintain a perfect balance of goofiness and hard work every single day. I hope you have an uh-mazing birthday, and that the rest of the world knows that behind almost everything great that happens at elephant is a Lindsey Block holding it all together. Mwuah!


From Meredith Meeks:

Happy Birthday Miss Block! I appreciate your constant love and kindness. You are truly our Momma Bear!


From Alli Sarazen: 

Lindsey, I’ve only just met you (although never in person…thank you 21st century inventions like Skype), but I’m familiar enough with you in the context of Elephant to know that you are an integral player when it comes to why we thrive as a team. I appreciate your leadership and your overall positive presence. As I’ve told you many times, you’re kind of like Batman—everywhere all at once whenever we need you and even when we don’t—but does that ever happen? Who knew Elephants could “cuckoo” so well? (wink) Can’t wait to bear hug you in a few weeks for Way’s birthday.


From Katarina Tavcar:

Lindsey, I can’t freaking wait for July [elephant’s annual Birthday Week Staff Retreat in Boulder] to finally meet you in person! From what I’ve seen and read so far, you’re the elephant glue that keeps us all together, always there to help, and you have an awesome music taste. And like Alli said, you really are like Batman, just way cuter hehe!

Vse najboljše (aka happy birthday in Slovenian)


From Travis May:

Happy Birthday Lindsey! Thanks for being there and always being helpful and nice to talk to. I love working with you and it’s great to know you’re always there. I hope you have a great birthday and can take a break from helping all of us and enjoy some much deserved pampering. 🙂 Looking forward to seeing you this summer and hopefully we can play and have fun and cause trouble. XOXOXO


From Peggy Markel: 

Cheerful birthday to you!! I wish you the best year. You have given so much to Elephant and it’s good to know how much you are appreciated. Consistency is the rudder here, and your guidance and support is fundamental. You are a tiger tamer and we love you for it! Lots of love!


From our Elephriend Meagan Morris:

Dear Lady Lindsey, How do I love you? I would count the ways, but I can’t count that high. I knew I adored you first from getting to know your perfect use of Skype emojis, and then a magical thing called Google+ happened and our lives changed forever. I have never enjoyed working with someone as much as I enjoy working with you. You quickly became one of my favorite people despite the fact we only talked to one another on a computer screen. You are simultaneously strong and light; serious and hilarious; a leader and someone who empowers those around her. You are in short a phenomenal woman, and one I am so grateful to know. My aspiration for you on this day, and in the coming year, is that you continue to discover your brilliance. I am pretty sure it is infinite.


From Ashleigh Hitchcock:

Cheerful Birthday Lindsey. I appreciate all you do for Elephant Journal. Right from the start you made me feel like a valuable member of the team. At first, my technical skills were obviously lacking, but you kept cheering me on. You spent time meeting with me often and giving me constructive feedback. Your patience lead to my eventual success. Thank you for believing in me. I love it when you come visit us in Boulder and can’t wait for you to come “home.” Great big trunk hugs. Many blessings for the best year yet. xoxox


From Yoli Ramazzina:

Cheers to you, lovely lady! Thank you for the kindness & enthusiasm you’ve shown me 🙂

Hoping you have an extraordinary birthday, and I look forward to (someday) raising a glass together!


From Renee Jahnke (ReneeJah):

Sending happiest, Happy Birthday wishes for you sweet Lindsey!!  Besides living in my most favorite city (which tells me we are at least in some small way kindred spirits) I have so appreciated meeting you and look forward to getting to know you better.  I admire how you show up for elephant journal—a person who feels soft and kind and open, while also being our ever-available, rock-solid, go-to person.  Have a beautiful day and year to come!  xoxo *clink*

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