June 30, 2015

Give yourself the Gift of a Mindful Shower.

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Being present enables us to live ego-free, to take a break from all the negative chatter that goes on in our minds and to turn off the autopilot that controls our actions and reactions.

Becoming aware of the present moment provides the possibility of connecting in a sensory way with the pleasure of being alive, of experiencing the outside world without judging, of enjoying it without attachment, without fear and free from the mental illusion.

The mind is usually in control of our lives, making us act like robots who come into this world only to keep up with daily duties. To be at a desk during working hours and to meet the obligations that society has imposed on us—all with the objective of earning money and accumulating possessions that often don’t bring us happiness, but only chain us to further commitments.

As a consequence of all the deep-rooted social beliefs, our minds operate with the prime objective of collecting material wealth, turning us into addicts of any activity that aids in the achievement of this goal.

We have forgotten about what it feels to truly experience life at its fullest—as we did when we were kids. We have been restrained by social beliefs, by our ego and by the fear of what others may say or think, losing touch with the most valuable treasure—life itself.

It is up to you. Spend your entire life on autopilot or to live each moment consciously—taking control over your movements, thoughts and emotions to find a sense of permanent and non-dependent wellbeing.

Meditation: Showering Back to the Present.

Gift yourself today. Start your day with total awareness. I invite you to experience this meditation in movement during one of the first activities of your daily routine: taking a shower. The only thing you need to do is allow yourself to enjoy the process:

1. Begin by immersing one by one your toes into the falling water.
2. Slowly work your way up, focusing only on feeling the drop’s texture over the body part that is directly under the water. Closing your eyes can help you concentrate even more.
3. Once you reach your head, activate your other senses so that you feel the water drops having contact with your skin—also see and hear them as they slide down.
4. Now, if the water is hot, start transitioning to colder water, until reaching the coldest possible (without changing from hot to cold drastically). Feel how the comfort of hot water transforms into the awakening of cold temperature. Experience it without judging. Discover the good in being under hot water and the good in being under cold water.

By being mindful, you can dissolve your fear of change, of breaking the routine. Everything that comes into your life brings a treasure hidden in the form of a lesson to be learned. This particular step of the meditation brings the power of acceptance.

5. Finish your shower but continue your meditative state.

Find presence in every instant. No matter what you do or where you are—you are here. You are now.


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Author:  Santiago Martinez

Assoc. Editor: Kendra Hackett/Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

Photo: courtesy of the author

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