June 14, 2015

How to Boost our Orgasmic Potential.

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What if I told you it was possible to significantly heighten your orgasmic potential with a little below-the-belt muscle workout?

Our darling pelvis is home to some of the most important muscles in our body, yet we rarely give this divine wonderland the loving attention it deserves!

The PC or “pubococcygeus” (often referred to as Kegel) is known as the “love muscle,” since it cradles our sex organs and contracts during orgasm. The stronger it becomes, the longer, deeper and more intense climax will be. Isn’t that worth some pelvic floor fitness? Weak muscles can sabotage good sex!

This precious kingdom can become soft, flaccid and nonfunctioning when we ignore it, causing a plethora of unwanted disease and energy stagnation.

Strengthening this valuable area not only stops pee (and poo!) from leaking out, it also prevents energy loss. The act of pulling up on the pelvic floor raises dull sex energy into sweet and refined, allowing delicious sensations to flow throughout the entire body, not just localized in the genitals.

For women, it’s a wonderful type of internal massage which eliminates all kinds of chronic problems. Plus, it can be empowering to tone the yoni (vagina) and keep the sacred space nice and snug.

Tightening in daily activity induces sexual vitality in both men and women while inviting much higher quality orgasms.

The act of squeezing the PC for men prevents impotence and flushes the prostate gland with fresh circulation. When men learn to control and relax these muscles during sexy time, they can last much longer. Daily practice can actually enlarge his wand of light! Maximize penis power!

Just below the PC, in the area of the perineum, you’ll find Mula Bandha. This is the psychomuscular lock which redirects vital energy. The perineum musculature is shaped like a diamond. Mula Bandha is in the middle. If you’ve ever heard,  “diamonds are a girl’s best friend,” I assume this is what they’re talking about.

It’s believed that engaging Mula Bandha, all 72,00 nadis (nerve channels) in the third chakra are stimulated. It flushes the mental and emotional bodies with a fantastic “spring cleaning” effect, too.

The powerful root lock strengthens abdominal muscles while improving blood circulation throughout the reproductive organs. Proper blood flow and oxygen are essential for the internal love fire to burn hot!

Contracting your love muscles signals nerve impulses up to your brain and awakens dormant areas. Kundalini, the coiled serpent of Shakti energy resides at the base of the spine. Enough practice can stimulate this enlightening “snake.” When she awakens from her dream, we awaken. Whoa. Profound!

During asana practice, engaging Mula Bandha and the PC musculature protects the low back, helps us stay in postures longer, allows us to move from our center and quiets busy mind chatter.

“There is no doubt that by practicing Mula Bandha…total perfection is attained!” ~ B.K.S. Iyengar

To identify the PC area, stop peeing midstream. There it is! Continue clenching a few times while urinating until you’re sure. You can practice Mula Bandha by gently lifting up the perineum. Get used to isolating these happy anatomical neighbors.

Squeeze, hold and release. Do this repeatedly until you can’t see straight (not really). Practice reps of 10, adding more each day. 1,000 times for super powers! Relax in between to help the muscles grow.

For men, hang a wash cloth on your boner and pull it up again and again, varying speed. Next time use a hand towel. And then a beach towel! Keep practicing for super penis strength. For the ladies, I recommend practicing with a jade yoni egg…or a penis.

Keep your body (and mind!) still while contracting. Don’t hold your breath! Close your eyes and connect deeply with yourself. Make it a conscious, daily ritual.

Do it to music. “Union of the Snake” is a recommended song since it has the right rhythm and a significant message. Snakes are a symbol of sexual energy. Have a Duran Duran pelvic floor dance party! Hell yeah!

Keep yourself sensually fit with Mula Bandha and/or PC squeezes anytime, anywhere, all the time! Every particle of your being will celebrate in gratitude for the fresh flush of juicy life force prancing about.

Many people go through life carelessly unaware of the absolute power reserve located within their pelvic floor. Develop a loving relationship with this precious part of you. It will compensate in the most delightful ways.

Internally generating blissful sensations is just a squeeze away! You have the ability to illuminate your energy and increase your sexual-spiritual power. Use it wisely.

“You are awakening your natural inborn pleasure potential!” ~ Sexual Energy Ecstasy

Good luck and have fun!



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My Vagina has a Personal Trainer: Tales from Pelvic Floor Rehab.


Author: Tirzah Shiya

Editor: Catherine Monkman

Photo: Julie Christine/Flickr

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