June 1, 2015

Introducing Caitlyn Jenner: “I Am Woman.”

Caitlyn Jenner, has stunningly graced the cover of June’s issue of Vanity Fair and I must admit, I had no idea that the image is one of someone who we formerly knew as Bruce Jenner.

The Olympic hero looks absolutely stunning in this photo shoot and the behind-the-scenes video shows someone who is incredibly comfortable now that they have finally embraced who they are and have found immense comfort deep within their own skin.

In a recent interview with ABC News, within five minutes of talking to Diane Sawyer in a two hour interview, Bruce, now known as Caitlyn stated, “I am a Woman.”

In the interview with ABC News, Jenner also reveals that this is how she believes her creation began, “Let’s give him the soul of a female and see how he deals with that…I’m not stuck in anybody’s body. I’m just who I am as a human being.” Jenner continues, “I am going to change the world,” explaining, “my whole life has been getting me ready for this. It’s not just been the past few years as they’ve been treating me as a joke.”

Approximately two-to-five percent of the population identifies as transgender, yet they all too often have an extremely difficult time finding their place and being accepted in society.

The LGBT mental health charity PACE’s chief executive, Margarat Unwin, explains:

“The lack of visibility and acceptance in society contributes to these shocking figures about suicide attempts and self-harm in trans young people. While society’s attitudes towards transgender people are changing, it is still not fast enough and the negative impacts on trans people’s mental health every day are huge.”

Therefore, Jenner knows she is not speaking out for her own benefit, as she said, she wants to create a change, shake up the world and raise much needed awareness for the transgender community. Often we are fearful of that which we do not understand, when a high profile figure brings something to our attention, it causes us to stop for a moment and really listen so we can see the person behind the title or the label. Jenner is most certainly causing us to stop and pause.

The images are stunning and they are currently sweeping across the internet right now, with a huge resounding “Yes!” coming from every corner. So many, regardless of how they identify gender-wise are standing up, speaking out and applauding this incredible courageous, inspiring and empowering woman.

This is about closing down the gaps in society so that we can all live fully as ourselves side-by-side. Jenner is powerfully showing the world that it is OK to be live exactly as you feel on the inside. It is far more than OK, it is unbelievably beautiful.

The beauty is not what is found on the outer image, although I and thousands of others have agreed today, Jenner looks divinely beautiful as she is today, however the true beauty is to be found in listening to how Jenner speaks straight from the heart and after so many years struggling to be someone she isn’t, has finally found happiness by embracing herself, accepting herself and for showing the world it is.

In the interview with Vanity Fair, Jenner tells Buzz Bissinger, “if I was lying on my deathbed and I had kept this secret and never ever did anything about it, I would be lying there saying, ‘you just blew your entire life.'”


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