June 4, 2015

Just Me, You & a View. {Poem}

couple grass blanket

Just me, you and a view.

And perhaps a blanket or two.

The sun setting kisses our wine goodnight and the birds sing us both good luck.

A secret sip of a spirit earlier still burns in our bellies, the fuel for our fire. And the memory of simple, good food on our lips reminds we haven’t kissed in all of a minute.

I look out at the hills and their curve in the sky and imagine the same in the line of your back. The evening wind runs a chill through my body and I shiver at the thought of that ripple in you.

If you look in my eyes, behind the wine, further still if you want to really see me, you’ll see that I want you, you’ll see that I see you and you’ll see that I love you.

And if you look at my hands and see the deep lines they will grow, you’ll see your name there, because it’s etched on my heart.

I’m here for the evening, I’m here for the night. But I’m here for forever, because that’s what feels right.

Just me, you and a view.

And perhaps a blanket or two.




Will you Let me love You? {Poem}


Author: Andy Charrington

Editor: Catherine Monkman

Photo: Geraint Rowland/Flickr


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