Thank F*ck Mercury Retrograde is Over—Stay in the Shade!

Via Alex Myles
on Jun 10, 2015
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Thank F*ck!!!

That for me sums this whole Mercury retrograde period up.

Yes, I was prepared. Yes, I did my homework and, yes, I constantly reminded myself that all the chaos that entered my life was just caused by the universe’s energetic interference.

But, did I still get caught out? Hell yes. Bitterly.

So many things have been brought to the surface over these last few weeks and a few of them were pretty ugly, making me question myself, and everything around me that I once thought was the truth.

To say I am a different person now to who I was three weeks ago is an understatement. Life pretty much looks the same on the outside: I look the same, no one else would look at me and notice any change. However, so many shifts have happened within that I cannot even begin to start explaining or making sense of them.

This is why this calm after the storm period that is currently happening is so vitally important.

The week following Mercury retrograde is called the shadow period, hence we are still not totally through.

And during this time what we need most is reflection.

Reflection, reflection and a whole heap more reflection.

Now, I am not usually one to dwell on the past. I live by the moment and try to always keep the mind-set that, “What has passed is past and it will have absorbed and taught me all that I needed at the time. I just need to pay attention to my subconscious mind and trust my intuition and all will be fine—all the answers are within.”

However, the passing of Mercury retrograde is very different. Purely because so much happens so unexpectedly and so quickly, that it is entirely impossible to take a hold of the why, what, where and when of all that has taken place.

A tornado has hit and it has left destruction in its place.

The reason we are so affected by the planet Mercury is because it has a high density, leading astrologers to believe it is mostly made of iron. Therefore, it is like a huge magnet orbiting the sun and the closer it is to Earth the more effect it will have on it. During Mercury retrograde, Mercury is in its closest position to earth, which is why we feel pushed and pulled in all directions.

When Mercury is in retrograde it can be a troublemaking planet—especially where communication, technology and traveling is involved. Normal conversations, interactions and plans that would normally be straightforward will likely have been going haywire. Telephone conversations, emails and simple discussions will be full of misunderstanding and missing links.

Which is why it is vitally important to dissect, analyse and figure out exactly who and what the Mercury retrograde period brought to our attention and why. And to not make any irrational conclusions or prejudgments.

In the immediate aftermath of Mercury retrograde, we aren’t always in the best frame of minds to start to make sense of things. It’s like running a marathon and then getting straight back up and completing a triathlon; our bodies and minds need a little time to recover.

While some of the elite athletes may do it and function well, for the majority of people the rest period is much needed, well deserved and will mean we are in a far better position to tackle everything once we nourish and rest our bodies and minds for a few days before digging into anything else too deeply.

Once Mercury retrograde comes to an end we should take a well earned rest period. Mercury retrograde has taken our lives and jolted them backwards, slowed them down, mixed them up and thrown in a chunk of confusion for good measure.

Our lives will still be in a whirl and we won’t yet be thinking clearly.

Before we begin to gain clarity or any understanding of what has just taken place, it is imperative to let the dust settle first to be sure we are in the right position to make good judgements and the right decisions based on everything that has been happening over the last few weeks.

The past will likely come back to re-visit or haunt us during Mercury retrograde. Whether it’s an old friend, lover or a missed opportunity, we will have been presented with old emotions that will potentially resurface. Again, until we are in a calm and peaceful place once more, it is better to wait to make any decisions before being tempted to jump back in at the deep end.

Everything will make sense again soon, so patience is the key word right now as everything will unfold when the time is right. When the mind is clear again, the right choices and decisions will unveil and transformation will be made.

Mercury retrograde will have brought with it an abundance of miscommunication and irritation. Before wading in feet first to make amends, let the water lie still until it is see through before walking on sand that may not yet be stable. It is better to wait just a short while longer rather than rushing in and submerging in treacherous water once more.

Important words to remember at the end of Mercury retrograde are:









During Mercury retrograde we will have had the opportunity to see behind the masks of those around us. However, before we can see the true face of any-one or any-thing, we must first work out why these things have been brought to our attention.

Often we look outward and judge those that have crossed our paths, rather than looking directly within and discovering the reasons behind these interactions.

Mercury retrograde is here to teach us about ourselves, not to place focus on others. We need to question all the uncomfortable and irrational feelings we have felt in our own hearts and minds before turning on others. Often our inner peace has been disturbed due to the lessons we need to learn, not lessons we believe others need to be taught.

There should be no fingers pointed, no accusations and no critical thinking or blame. Everyone around us is there because we have chosen them to be, at whatever level. We can remove anyone at anytime (within reason), but before we do so we should look at what buttons they have been pressing and why we have felt such a strong desire to react.

No one else can do us emotional harm unless we allow them to, and while during Mercury retrograde it can feel as though particular people are against us. However, it is more likely that we are allowing our emotions to get carried away so that they are taking control, rather than our conscious minds being in control. This is another big lesson that Mercury retrograde provides, an opportunity to fully reflect and look at our inner selves and more importantly why we feel slighted by inconveniences or other people’s words or actions.

Other people’s lives are none of our business, and if we feel slighted, it is imperative to look at our own insecurities and judgements to find the reasons why.

As Mercury retrograde ends, we will come face to face with ourselves; it is our time of reckoning. We can either choose to run and hide as we have done many times before, or stand firm on solid ground, face up to our truths, face up to our lives and the people we have chosen to put around us and find a way to fully work at aligning more with our true authentic selves.

This is the shadow period—we aren’t yet ready to step back directly into the glare of the light, so rest, recuperate, then hold up the mirror and do not be afraid of who is looking back.


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16 Responses to “Thank F*ck Mercury Retrograde is Over—Stay in the Shade!”

  1. Michelle says:

    The Mercury retrograde has wreaked all kinds of havok on my long distance relationship with my twin flame; hence communication, technology, and travel being negatively affected… the three BIG foundation points of a long distance relationship. This was an awful, painful, dark period for me and him… it chewed us up, ripped us apart, then spit us back out. Thank the cosmos its nearing it's end. Hopefully me and my twin can turn things around and patch things up, there is a lot of damage and it almost shoved us into the runner/chaser stage… which I want to avoid and bypass. He was more darkly affected by the retrograde than me but since he is my twin it created an even stronger domino effect on me… things are left a disaster and in ruins now pretty much. Hopefully that was just Mercury's little grand finale and things can heal between us. Now, recuperation.

  2. Janice Shirley says:

    Lost him after he said don’t wear the same clothes all the time. WTF kind of silliness is that? I shop and Goodwill for many of my shorts, pants, t-shirts, work shirts and I believe in minimalism. You don’t need a s……load of clothes. Period.

  3. Seanne says:

    Mercury is still technically in retrograde until 630 tonight.

  4. Khara-Jade says:

    Loved the video, thanks!

  5. LStar says:

    Not so fast. The worst effects are not necessarily felt during the retrograde, but at the four points of transition going into and coming out of the two shadows and the retrogrades. That means the next few days are actually a red zone, as are the days when Mercury exits the shadow around July 4. The worst effects for me have always been at the very end, when Mercury exits the shadow.

  6. Erika says:

    I could have written this article. It is uncanny, and I had really decided not to give MR a thought and it was one of the worst times of my life!!! An awful emotional vampire like colleague tried to push me out, but it did not work, in fact it exposed her for the charlatan she is. Still, it was a time of no sleep and lots of tension.

  7. Carly says:

    My month has been a month long panic attack..don’t know what was happening until my friend told me what we were in the middle of… I guess for me the past that has resurfaced is jyst as painful now as it was when it first happened and I’m convinced the reason is because it’s a lesson I haven’t dealt fully the correct manor ..I’m usually very open and honest and for almost three years now I have not been and as the result it has been brought back around for me to see..I am very sad and angry and I just want to feel better. I suppose I’m starting the reflect part now so I can approach this head on in a manor which will finally put it to rest? I hope this ends soon and I hope what my friend said about things being really good after this MR is true..I so long to feel better

  8. Deb says:

    This has been one of the worst Mercury Retrogrades ever. Everyone I know has been struggling.

  9. Brittany says:

    I try to meditate during retrograde especially more so , and while I myself definitely felt the retrograde knocking at my door this time around more so than last time , I always tend to drift into the past and recall distant memories , I sort of reminisce , sometimes I feel like a big part of me “missed out ” on exactly what I’m not sure I guess sometimes I feel like I could be living life more like actually being alive instead of living , I’m a Pisces and I’m already a very deep thinker with an emotional side so that always plays a role in it too. This tetrograde however was different in the sense of personal relationship with especially the strong women in my life had some bumps and now I’m sitting back figuring out how to grow from these experiences now and to be a better version , people fear the retrograde which I myself too but a friend one time told me instead of fearing it embrace it because it’s almost like the u inverse is giving you change after chance for deep reflection and growth so I try to remind myself that when I get “caught up” . Hope everyone made it out with some more knowledge and positive outlooks from here forward . Love .

  10. asimenia says:

    same here!!! lol

  11. Paul says:

    Beautifully written and spot on, thank you for the reminder!

  12. erikaastrid says:

    So perfectly written! Thank you <3

  13. Nicole says:

    MR is killing my relationship…..I'm angry and irritated with my husband All of the time!

  14. kit says:

    same here 🙁

  15. kita says:

    a lot of betrayal this time around, that's for sure!

  16. GFW says:

    Alex, thank you so much. This has been the most intense retrograde of my life. I've put my family on the line due to long-bottled up desires that burst out in ways that were incredible and incredibly painful, mostly for others. Now, at the end of the retrograde, in the shadow period, I am reflecting deeply, and I am hoping and praying my family and I can heal the wounds I have opened up. Your writing explains, with the best clarity I've ever read about mercury retrograde, the exact nature of what I just experienced and am continuing to witness. Though I often check retrograde periods, my entire time of travel and the important events just prior, came during the retrograde that I was unaware was happening. I will pay better attention from now on. Wish me luck and wisdom as I'll be seeking a lot of forgiveness and understanding.