June 11, 2015

The Gift of Deep Pain. {Poem}


Today, let yourself feel it all…

The tears, sorrow and sadness.
The anger, grief and darkness,
The fear, disappointment and heart break,
The hurts, the guilt and the shame…

These feelings, these emotions
They are all energy.
They want to move,
Through you and out of you.

These feelings,
They are like a small child.

They want your attention.
Let yourself acknowledge them,
See them, Speak to them
Let them feel safe.

It’s safe for them to be here
And, it’s safe for them to release too.

Let your heart open wider
To love, kindness and compassion.

There’s no need to dull the pain
Or soothe it with distractions either.
Know that you are safe.
And, it’s time to feel them now.

Express these feelings creatively
Or, sit still in silence.

Let them be in your body
Then, let them move out of your body
Gently releasing them when the time is right.

Creative self expression,
Uncensored and free.
Write, sing, flick paint,
Play music, loud or softly
Draw, dance or cry…

Stretch and move your body
In a way that feels really good.

This is sacred time.
Time to be with yourself,
Time to be with your breath,
Time to be with your heart…
And to be with these deeper feelings.

Allow yourself to open
To something new now.

Allow new possibilities
And new wisdom to emerge.
Allow yourself to heal and change.

How does that feel?
A little strange, perhaps?
A little awkward maybe…
It’s okay… It’s okay…

Let yourself grow.
Know that everything
Is going to be okay…

And see if you can breathe in now.
Inhale, breathe all the way into your heart
Exhale breathe all the way out from your belly.

Breathe in and out,
Compassion, love and self-acceptance.

And breathing a little deeper now
And, maybe, a little slower too.

Allowing more space here now
Let your mind relax,
Let your heart open
Letting even more love in.

Connect with your higher self
And the invisible support and guidance
That is all around you.

Angels, God and unseen friends,
Chi, prana, oxygen and nature.
That Universal life force energy,
Let it support and heal you now.

Remind yourself that everything will be okay
Everything is going to work out fine.

Be like the caterpillar
And give yourself permission
To shed old skin
To let go of the past
To let go of the known
And, to let it all release now.

Be courageous, be brave
Step into the darkness
And trust in the mysterious process of life.

See your new path unfolding
And, let it be your doorway
To something really good
To healing, health and happiness.

Give yourself permission
To step forward when the time is right
Just knowing,
That everything you ever dreamed of
Is waiting for you,
Right there on the other side of this pain.

Can you trust in life?
Know that it’s the right time
And you can do this.
You really can.

Can you release and let go a little more?
And, perhaps even, a little more?
And, a little more?

Just letting go, letting go, letting go..

Trust in the process of life
Even (and especially) when it doesn’t make sense.

Listen and connect with your soul.
Breathe in trust.
Trust the voice of your heart.

Connecting with your inner courage
Your inner strength
And that deep wisdom that lives within you.

And, let yourself shine brightly now
So you can experience all of life
The highs and the lows.

Observing the sunny blue skies
As well as the dark grey thunderous ones.
Knowing that these clouds,
They are not you.

You are just experiencing them
In this moment.
Can you do it with no judgment?
Can you let them just wash over you?
Just noticing, observing and witnessing them all.

Feel the past dissolving and releasing
And the next part of your journey opening up…

Some laughter, happiness and magic
Treasured friendships and good times.
Blessed opportunities and inspiration
And happy moments once more…

New feelings, new emotions coming up now,
And just letting the old patterns dissolve,
And more joyful life experiences happening
Right here, right now.

It’s a new chapter
A new day, a new moment
A new body, a new mind
And a new you.

Let yourself stay open to life,
With no judgment or fear.

And in each moment
Keep seeking and searching
For these precious and treasured,
Spiritual gifts that life has to offer you.




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Author: Katrina Love Senn

Editor: Travis May

Image: Pixabay

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Read 2 comments and reply

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