June 24, 2015

Love Finds Us, In Spite of Ourselves. {Poem}

this wont work

This Won’t Work

In your touch, I can feel the truth
The connection, the bond
We deny by day, lying to ourselves
To each other
We can’t because
It won’t work
You like…
I like…
To stay safe, protected
Walls up
Vulnerability down
Hearts covered
Shrouded in safety

But, by night,
We lay, can’t lie
Chest to chest
Heart to heart
Connected by a heartbeat
By breath
Breathing you in
Letting fear out
Holding each other
Letting go of reasons
While finding reason

Excuses, excuses
Too difficult to lie
As we lay together
Protected by the darkness



Five Tricks for Coping With Unrequited Love.


Author: Lisa Gindy

Editor: Catherine Monkman

Photo: Author’s Own

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