June 1, 2015

How to get the “Perfect Bikini Body.” {Photos}

At this time of the year magazines, billboards and social media seem to be full of adverts as to “How To Get The Perfect Bikini Body,” or “5 Steps To Achieve The Ultimate Bikini Body.”

What is this “perfect bikini body” that appears to be the buzzword on everyone’s lips?

The “bikini body” is for every body, not when we look a certain way or lose weight or tone up—our bodies are perfect for wearing a bikini and deserve to be loved and accepted right now…today.

We are unique and our bodies come in various shapes and sizes. Regardless of health, diet, or exercise our bodies will still all look different and besides that, we are all individuals and should never be compared.

It seems that for far too long the fashion and beauty industries have conditioned our minds with what they feel is the “perfect body” on which a bikini should be placed.

Why are we allowing this stereotype to continue? We are all different and the world would be an extremely dull place if we were all exactly the same.

Bodies are a form of art and we should be celebrating our quirks and variations rather than allowing the media to dictate what they perceive as the correct look, shape, or size.

We can read a million ways to gain the perfect body for which a bikini should be worn, however, here’s a little secret…it really is this simple:

Find your body. Find your bikini. Put the two together. Voila ~ You now have the “perfect bikini body.”


~ My Body Gallery

Our bodies are tired of us hating on them, they want love, care, and acceptance and when we start being kind to ourselves that’s when we begin true health.

These inspiring women have embraced their perfect bikini bodies and are continuing a powerful and liberating shift in society by showing how they embrace, love, and accept themselves exactly as they are.


“How to get that bikini body you’ve always dreamed of: put a bikini on ur body!!!” ~ Darbi ~ @Dahhhviduh


“Society is just mad that you didnt follow their steps to loving yourself.” ~ Plus Size Cutie


“After years of hiding behind oversized clothes and a big personality, I’m so happy to embrace and love who I am and the skin I’m in! #cantshamethisbody” ~ Kelsey @myplusstyle


“Rejecting eurocentric ideas of beauty rooted in capitalism was the best thing that has ever happened to my self-love & worth.” ~ Sleepy Spice @Feministfists


“I’m sweatin at the thought of postin this but I’ve gone from 270 to 164 & I’m finally PROUD.” ~ Jordan @tattooedlwthes


“I’ve spent 18 years of my life hating myself because of other people’s opinions on me. Now I’m 19 and f*ck it, I’m going to love myself and do what makes me happy. Only I know the thoughts in my head, better make them happy and positive ya know?” ~ Dominique domistink


“Guess who can finally accept her body n go out to the beach right now after years n years of hating it! ” ~ Alena @TRASHlNG


“Life is too short to spend in hiding, hating yourself, and worried about what others think when they see you. Life is yours.” ~ Beth @neytari


“Girls should not be afraid to be proud of their bodies. Everyone should love their body the way that they are. You don’t have to have a ‘perfect’ body to put on a swimsuit and have fun. Loving yourself is very important and something that people should focus more on.” ~ Maddy Rose @maddyfigueredo_


“My fat bikini babe life is the result of the work of fat acceptance activists all over the world. They helped me demolish the message that I should be ashamed of my body. Thank you, Hanne Blank, M. Taueret Davis, Jessica Luxery, and all the other rad fatties in bikinis.” ~ Julia @sparkymonster


“I have a lot of trouble with looking at other girls and thinking “wow why don’t I look like that” but you have to remember there’s nothing wrong with looking like you. Embracing your own uniqueness is the first step in accepting your body.” ~ Kay @kayalmghty


“No one can ever judge or hate your body more than YOU. If you wouldn’t say it to your BFF, would you say it about yourself? WE must reclaim our bodies through self-love. It is the most radical and important act in any woman’s life. And it’s OURS.” ~ Angie @misskubelik


“We should be proud of our mum bodies.” ~ Sian @HelpfulMum

bikini body

“Society has a warped idea of beautiful. Beauty isn’t a pant size. Beauty is a state of mind. If I want to put on a bikini and go to the beach, I’m gonna do it… and be beautiful doing it. It’s time for society to stop focusing on size and start focusing on acceptance.” ~ Whitney Oliviero @NitWhit78 

“It’s horrible what media & society say about girls’ bodies and what it is to be perfect. Loving yourself is a long and hard journey but when you finally realize that you are who you are and that your body is beautiful there is no better reward than that. I’m going to the beach in a bikini for the first time in my life.” ~ Emily Iukesbabyblues

Another inspiring quote from someone who has finally accepted herself exactly as she is read: “The first time I have worn a bikini since I was like five! I’m so happy I have accepted who I am!”~ Kelsey

Rather than hiding our bodies away, it is time we also throw our own and other people’s judgments out the window so we are empowered to finally say, “I’m done with society’s expectations, this is my body, my bikini, and I will enjoy every moment of putting the two together and creating a perfect bikini body. Starting today, I will love and accept myself.”

Our bodies are none of anyone else’s business to judge. They are ours alone, and we can wear whatever we want, look how we want, dress how we want. The concept of a bikini body is utterly ridiculous. All bodies, every single one of them are bikini bodies.

I think it’s complete madness to suggest that in a world of seven billion people we allow any form of stereotype when it comes to image. We have invented unwritten cultural rules when it comes to how we dress and I think it’s high time quite a few of those get broken!

The inspiring, empowering, and incredible women above were selected at random and are all supportive of the body positive movement  or sitive.





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