June 7, 2015

I Should’ve Done this at my High School Graduation. {Video}


I love the way one guy’s run on a hot day can brighten a crowd at a graduation ceremony in rural northern California.

What’s not to love about a guy’s bliss of running past a crowd wearing only a sock while videotaping the reaction to his bare ass?

I’d like to be a prude, and say, how dare you tarnish my Alma Mater of Amador High, but I can’t.

I love his bravery.

I adore seeing the humor of baring one’s soul (and in this case, one’s strong body). I am a sucker for pranks and this one isn’t sinful, nor is it ugly. Not to mention, he had an effortless stride in running and then jumping over a fence.

Watch as the cop tried to catch up to the guy as the band played on while the crowd cheered on the streaker! I heard the sounds of some of my former classmates (all grown up and with kids of their own) laughing on the video.

Every graduating class has played some kind of prank over the years except for my class. We all walked across the field wearing grief because one of our classmates had committed suicide a few days prior to the ceremony. I went through the motions of graduating as my mellow, shy, brilliant classmate was no longer part of our crowd, and I had no idea how to process that kind of experience except stay in motion.

Looking back, I wish someone like this guy would’ve run across the field in the flesh. I wish I would’ve be brave (and crazy) enough to do so. I was trying to understand death just as we were all entering the “real” world which suddenly seemed too real.

So I say: Caps off (or clothes off) to this guy for reminding us to enjoy life.


Author: Jes Wright

Editor: Emily Bartran

Images: YouTube Stills

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