Twin Flames & the Illusion of Time.

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The first step to embarking on a journey with our Twin Flame is to understand that these relationships abide by no timeline.

When our soul recognizes someone in this life, there is an instant feeling of comfort and excitement.

But, there also may be the internal struggle of things moving too fast—or not moving at all. There may be anxiety in attempting to approach this type of connection like past relationships.

But this can’t be done, because for the soul—time simply doesn’t exist.

Our souls don’t understand the concept of time. They don’t recognize that weeks or months may have passed since our Twin Flame came into our lives, because when we are with them again we pick up exactly where we left off. While outside circumstances may change, nothing can change that internal connection we feel with another.

Souls don’t understand what they are supposed to be doing; they don’t understand the concept of courting, or dating. They don’t follow traditional rules, and while we may try to hammer on the brakes the best we can, these types of relationships seem to have a power all their own.

Twin Flames are different than soulmates.

A soulmate can be a platonic or romantic love; it means that somewhere in another life we have spent time with them, possibly in the same relationship, or more likely in another form. I have a few friendships where there is no rational explanation for the way that we click—our souls just are at comfort with each other.

Although we may have many soulmates, there is only ever one Twin Flame.

Twin Flames are the most elusive type of romantic relationship, because they doesn’t have the turmoil or pain associated with Karmic relationships. There isn’t any working out to be done; when Twin Flames find each other in this life it is because the work has already been done in past lives.

In the beginning when we were created from light and the dust of the stars, each orb of energy was split into two flames—two souls. These souls travel in each lifetime learning as much as they can about life and humanity. Often times, Twin Flames gravitate toward the non-traditional because it is there that their souls feel most at ease in the discovery of their purpose and authentic life path.

When we meet our Twin Flame in this life there is an undercurrent of electricity—but to expect that a connection that is unlike any other will then follow the traditional rules of togetherness is futile.

Time is meaningless to Twin Flames. It doesn’t exist in the way that others view time, because nothing can be done to subdue the attraction and electrifying connection of two souls finding each other in this life.

The only way to approach a relationship with a Twin Flame is to throw out the rule book.

Every thought or way of approaching togetherness will be challenged until it’s nothing but a mottled ball of uselessness. Twin Flames may spend years in an on-again, never really off-again type of dance. One or both may become scared or anxious because unlike other relationships—this just can’t be controlled.

The only way to fully immerse ourselves in togetherness with our Twin Flame is to leave it up to the Universe.

This isn’t to say that there won’t be challenges—we are only human, after all—but Twin Flames gather strength from the combining of soul energy. So while we may question what it is we are feeling, and our legs may shake—ultimately it’s a state of togetherness that just can’t be ignored.

The Twin Flame connection will call to our souls until there is nothing left to question, and nothing left to do but to surrender to what will be—because it has already been written in the stars long before we took our first breaths in this life.

To make the decision to embark on a journey with our Twin Flame requires openness and patience. It requires courage and passion for the unknown. To journey into the unfathomable means to learn how to be in togetherness along the way.

It’s realizing there is no “right” or “wrong” way to go about loving someone, especially someone whom we feel the connection of soul recognition with. It understands that the union we make with another will be based in originality and will at times take our breath away.

To journey into the Twin Flame connection is to learn how to love all over again.

For the Twin Flames there is no such thing as “too soon,” because once the decision has been made to accept what will be means to let things move at their own pace. It’s not applying any past knowledge of relationships, and instead treating this type of togetherness for what it is—something that we’ve never experienced before and likely never will again.

It’s amazing, and terrifying. It’s passionate and relaxing. It’s simply everything we never thought we would ever be feeling—and all for one person.

The Twin Flame connection is the most soul baring type of togetherness two people can share. It’s free from conformity and societal expectations, it’s liberating and mesmerizing.

It’s simply the best it will ever get—if we let ourselves surrender to its power.

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Author: Kate Rose

Editor: Emily Bartran

Photo: Flickr & Unsplash 

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4 Responses to “Twin Flames & the Illusion of Time.”

  1. Jeevesh Nair says:

    I have just one question about this concept, an important one!! Do twin flames always reunite?

    • teri says:

      Yes I believe and hope with all my heart and soul that they do. The love of my life whom I am married 24 years had a cardiac arrest at kidney dialysis, and passed after a two week coma. I am sure we are twin flames, so happy together. When he died, I died also, my heart is his and I am left confused and hurt. I was in the process of getting ready to donate one of my kidneys to him. I would have done anything for this man. But irresponsible medical team dident watch his blood pressure during kidney dialysis at Davita and he went into cardiac arrest/respitory arrest. I am floored, I need to be with him, but we have five kids ages 14-23, and a new grand child, that he loved dearly. I am trying so hard to be strong, for the children but every second of every day without my twin flame husband is so painful. So yes I do believe we do reunite with our twin flame in heaven, so we can be together forever. I have read we usuallyre- meet our twin flame in our last life on earth as we are more mature souls and ready to be with twin flame. Then we can be reunited in heaven as we have completed the souls journey and helped other souls as only twin souls can. There is so much wonderful information about twin flames. God bless everyone, pease and love as you journey through life and then to heaven to be with god and our twin flame forever.

      • Montana says:

        I am so very sorry for your loss. I believe that death only separates the flesh but not the souls. Your husband is still with you just in a different way. Just like you can not part from your soul you can not part from his your connection was not based on this earth but in a much higher place. You will forever be half his soul and he yours. death only makes talking with him harder but it doesn't end your journey together you just have to find a knew way to communicate. My twin flame and I are on the outs right now but I talk to him all the time in my head and I feel him all around me. When I need him I can't explain it its like I can see the messages he sends me everywhere. Messages only he would send if you get what I mean. And at times I know something is wrong with him and I send them to him as well. My heart goes out to you and I wish you all the blessings of this world. No matter what know you are not alone and nothing I mean nothing can separate the two of you. Just look for the signs and find new ways to talk to him best wishes.

  2. Anonymous says:

    <3 Rules ditched and control not to be found- check

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