June 10, 2015

What our Orgasms are Here to Teach Us. {Adult}

Hollywood, California, USA --- Movie star Marilyn Monroe wraps herself in a white sheet on a bed. --- Image by © Douglas Kirkland/CORBIS

Part of the human experience is that we get to live in these bodies.

And of course that means experiencing pain, loss, grief and discomfort, as we negotiate these limbs, skin, organs, muscle and blood.

But another part of being in a human body is that we can also experience immense amounts of joy. And one of the ways we can do this is by delving into the sexual experience of the human body. What is so interesting about the sexual experience is that we don’t need to have a sexual partner to be a sexual being.

No one else needs to tell us we are sexy to feel sensual and we definitely don’t need to feel that society has stamped us as sexually desirable to have very pleasurable sexual experiences on a regular basis.

We just need to acknowledge our own sexual capabilities—and this happens when we make a choice to accept that there are a myriad of ways we can experience our own sexuality all the time. In the sway of our hips and the way our jeans hug against our ass and the sensation of the wind against our chest. And of course, this isn’t just for women, this is for all of us.

Because in moments of pleasure, which of course include the very pleasurable orgasm, we are wiring into our our nervous systems and our brains the knowledge of joy.

For our physical and energetic systems to know something is a reality we need to experience it. And where better to experience joy but in an orgasm, a moment (or more then a moment) where there is no thought, no worry, just pure sensation.

There is so much to learn from the orgasm. The sense of preoccupation, release, connection, openness, craving, shaking, shuddering, expressing and of course sheer pleasurable physical sensation.

And I think there are people out there who could open up to the potential of the orgasm more then they are. I think a lot of us know this.

But also right action around our sexuality is critical. Of course, we need to make choices that don’t invade other people’s sexual beingness in hurtful ways. But sexual right action also includes making our own sexual pleasure, with or without a partner, and with or without orgasm, a priority.

Unfortunately, in our culture we seem to have put some sexual acts up on a pedestal to display to the world as exemplary and we ridicule other sexual acts as desperate and for the less deserving. But I don’t think this is an accurate portrayal of what it means to be a sexual being.

We all need to have ways that we express our sexuality as an essential part of our own health.

Not just some of us.

But everyone.

And this doesn’t mean that we need to go to bars, join dating sites, lose weight or change our bodies in any way.

It just means we need to recognize that our relationship with our own sexuality is a work in progress but a work worth taking on because our own pleasure is important.

Let me say that again.

Our own pleasure is important. And in our sexuality there lives the potential for an infinite amount of pleasure. It just needs to be explored.

Each of us are the only ones who can make that choice to open to all the pleasure our own sexuality has in store for us.




The Super Orgasmic Woman (SOW). {Adult}


Author: Ruth Lera

Editor: Catherine Monkman

Photo: Ky/Flickr


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