July 23, 2015

22 Unbelievably Yummy Dessert-like Foods that happen to be Healthy.


22 of the healthiest foods you will ever get hooked on:

Some of the yummiest things we can eat are healthy. Just because apples, say, don’t have the ad budget that Crispy McCringle Sugary Sweet O’s does…doesn’t mean we should forget that eating a strawberry is basically as good as any ice cream and almost as good as sex.

1. Lemon. Lemon! Lemon and water with mint. Lemon and artichoke! Lemon straight! I’m weird, okay? Lemon in a simple olive oil and sea salt dressing! Don’t overlook the wonder that is lemon!

2. Baba ganoush! “It’s a Lebanese dish which is basically smashed-up smoked eggplant with a little lemon juice, garlic and vinegar, and some salt to taste. I love it on my wraps and dipping things in it. Basically a really healthy dip.”

3. Apples! I swear to god if I were being sent to a desert island for being bad and only allowed to bring a few foods, apples would make the cut. I like fresh sharp ones from the farmers’ market instead of perfect bland ones from the grocery store. Bonus: local apples off the tree. What’s your favorite apple? You will probably say Pink Lady apples.

4. Peaches. They’re just about as good as really good sex, only you can have them whenever you want without any arguments. Obvi local peaches are the best.

5. Grapes!

6. Raisins! Same thing kinda. I love both. I could eat all the grapes and all the raisins.

7. Figs! Like raisins, only more like sex. They’re so weird and good that some vegans won’t eat them because they’re basically alive. I’m vegan, and I murder them whenever I get the chance. Warm ’em up in oatmeal with molasses and walnuts and you’ll never hate oatmeal again.

8. Honey! But forget what you think of as honey and think truly raw, local honey, creamed. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever had, and it keeps bees alive, unlike fake honey.

9. Strawberries. Also like sex. You can put things on them, like chili powder, apparently.

10. I like popcorn but what?! Edamame is what. With salt, it’s yummy for movie-watching, fun to eat mindlessly and slowly yet quickly.

11. Pomegranates are the rubies of the difficult-to-eat fruit world.

“There is a 10 times better way of doing it that pros use which doesn’t get juice everywhere.

Here is the instructional video.

12. Mangos! Sex.

13. Oranges and grapefruit. Okay I know we’re covering the produce aisle at this point, but, they’re awesome and delicious and beautiful to eat.

14. Asparagus is good.

15. Water. Seriously it’s amazing. Don’t believe me. Hike, hot, then drink some. Damn.

16. Cabbage is pretty. Spinach is yummy. Kale is tangy.

17. Pistachios. I would go to war with your nation to get back pistachios if you stole all of them. That is not a reference to Iran, Trump. I’m just saying.

18. Seaweed crackers.

19. Those plums I get by the hatload in the late summer/early Autumn right off the tree. Pretty much anything right off the vine/out of the ground/off the tree redefines fresh, yummy, healthy, eco (no carbon footprint, none) and is good for the ecosystem around it, if wild.

20. Carrots. Carrot + Dijon = my new, improved popcorn/movie snack.

21: Cauliflower, roasted, with the right sauces…or President George Bush Sr.’s favorite food: “Broccoli. I used to boil it until crunchy, and eat it with olive oil, lemon and salt. I sometimes added a bit of melted cheese, or substituted balsamic for the lemon. Best obsession ever.”

22. Finally, of course, avocados. Obbbbvvvvviously. Add sriracha. Add cumin. Add pepper and salt, or as my ma did put a little vinegar in the pond. Or, just straight up, of course. Or with salsa, of course.

23. Sweet potatoes are so good they are busting open this list. Yammer time.

24. Shoot: this list is getting too long. “Sliced red onions soaked in lime juice and topped with some sea salt. Oh my god I could eat them all day long. Sliced fairly thin lengthwise. Raw. Soaked for about 20 minutes. Drain the juice or drink it (I drink it, cause I’m weird). Salt on top.”

25. Cherries. Unbelievably good snack for movie-watching or hottub soaking or whatevering. A little cold is best. Local is best.26. Snap peas. Eat ’em like candy.~

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How to eat this summer:

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