July 8, 2015

Are You an Empath or Clairsentient?


I have known I was clairsentient from a very young age.

When I look at other people, I sense so much more to them than just their image; I feel the love, pain and the ripples of emotion that run through them.

I see animals and their eyes reach into my soul and speak a language that needs no words. I translate the vibrations that their energy sends out and know the difference between love, fear, peace and pain.

Sometimes I can have a bad feeling about a particular event or if I am on a night out and my instinct screams out to me to warn me and to make alternative arrangements. I can also receive very positive vibrations that tell me how wonderful something is going to be and I feel the ripples of happiness and pleasure run through me before, during and long after an event as the energy connects with my own.

I communicate with people all over the world without technology and without them realising that they are signalling messages that come across loud and clear. I sense when someone is whispering thoughts in their mind or to their friends, as their energy tells me far more than their voices ever could.

I can look at a photograph and pick up an array of information just from the visual. This will include past, current and present details and the image sends strong currents of energy that are easily translatable into emotions. And I can very easily describe someone’s personality just by looking at their picture.

Energy attaches to clothing and if something bad has happened along the way with a particular piece of fabric, the energy will cling to it and it will give me such a negative feeling that I cannot wear certain clothes due to the heavy energetic feeling they hold. This also goes the opposite way and certain fabrics hold amazingly positive energy and I know that if I wear that outfit, my energy will be lifted throughout the day.

Objects, especially jewellery, also hold an array of emotions and energy and this is why many people cannot wear certain pieces after a relationship has ended. Also, this is why people hold so dear to sentimental pieces and an identical piece could never replace it. The love and the energy surrounds things and many people can feel this strongly when they hold a particular piece in their hands.

Often my writing is channeled and I regularly say that the desire to write about a particular subject “came to me in the wind.” What really happened was I picked up on the vibrations that someone was sending out and I heard and answered their call.

I receive pieces of information that has been “given” to me through the air and often, the details are so precise and so clear that even though I understand this gift, I still sometimes question the magic and mystery of it all.

I say to people, don’t ask me how, but I just “know.” Those who know me best totally understand this now and trust that when I say that, it is because I have 100% faith in whatever has been delivered to the inbox I call my mind. I have had times whereby I have doubted myself, but that’s only when I’ve come up against someone determined to prove me wrong. However, it has never taken long for the truth to come out as this information won’t just go away; it will stay at the forefront of my mind whilst more data floods me until I have absolute certainty that I cannot be wrong. I know for many this may sound unbelievable, but those who have experienced this will absolutely resonate and realise they are not alone.

We are in an age whereby we rely so heavily on technology and are so caught up in making sense of everything, we forget that as human beings we have many super powers that are just waiting to be recognised and tapped into. In ancient times it was perfectly natural to communicate telepathically with tribes all over the world. If there were only two kangaroos in the whole of the country, they will sense one another strongly and are sure to connect. This is the same for many species of animals and we underestimate the powers of human beings on a mass scale. We are magical creatures, truly, we just need to believe in ourselves and have faith and it won’t take long for the evidence to arrive.

Just as one person might say, “I was just about to call you,” as a friend they haven’t heard from in a long time calls, or when we visit someone out of the blue just as they say, “I really needed you today. How did you know?” Yes, many people put these things down to coincidences, but if we look at it a little closer we will see our electromagnetic energy that surrounds the body is a powerful force.

To be clairsentient means to have a clear sense or feeling about something and to have the gift of being able to sense psychic information. Empaths are most often clairsentient as they already easily absorb all of the energy that is surrounding them. To be clairsentient simply means to make sense and gain a full understanding of what information is held within our energy waves.

Pyschic information is presented to us through the subtle energy fields that are all around us. When we tune into this energy we can access and read a vast amount of information by using our clairsentient ability to decode energy.

The energy body is just one of several bodies that are part of a human being. These bodies, which are known as “subtle bodies,” include emotional, mental, physical and spiritual bodies. The etheric body is known as the energy body.

The energy centres, or chakras, hold valuable information that is very rarely tapped into. When we work with the body’s energy and our clairsentient ability, we have the opportunity to gain access to deep wisdom and truths.

A clairsentient will regularly feel sensations that are known as either a gut feeling or a sixth sense. These feelings can be a guide to understand everything around us on a deeper and more intensive level.

Often the gut feeling is so strong that a clairsentient will not be able to ignore or sweep the uncomfortable feeling under the carpet and they will have a strong impulse to pay attention to it and that is when they open themselves up to being able to receive further details.

Someone who is clairsentient is very similar to an empath in that they are like a sponge, absorbing the energy of everyone and everything around them. Empaths and clairsentients share many of the same traits, however, many empaths may not realise that they are clairsentient, as to have a strong psychic ability takes a great deal of faith and trust in our intuition.

Many empaths will relate to having that knowing feeling. Sometimes, information or specific details will pop into the mind and they will have come out of the blue, literally from nowhere.

The main difference between an empath and clairsentient is that an empath generally only feels the emotions and energy of the people and the environment around them, whereby a clairsentient will have a good sense of what someone is thinking; they will feel if someone is in danger or pain, they may know if someone is dying or has died, they may sense when someone is watching them and they will also have a strong sense of what is going on in the environment even if they are far from the area.

Unfortunately, in the modern world many of us are taught that receiving communication through the mind is not something that is possible. We may be questioned as to where we get information from, or doubted or even wrongly told that the information we have received is not true and all of these things can cause us to lose faith in our intuition and psychic abilities.

Many people are also fearful of either being psychic or being perceived as psychic by others due to the ancient myths and tales of witchcraft that surround these abilities. Fear will have a profound impact on the ability to receive information as it will block the flow and reduce the messages and sensations that are possible when the mind is open and trusting

For example, if we tell someone that we know something about them that they would rather we didn’t know, e.g., if someone has been deceitful in some way, they may deny vehemently that what we know is true. As we do not have physical proof to back up our knowledge, the information could be denied strongly and we may begin to mistrust the “source” of information—our intuition.

To be able to tap into our clairsentient ability we simply need to feel the vibrations of our own energy fields. When we understand where our energy ends and another person’s begins, we will have a clearer understanding of what are our own thoughts and feelings, and what are those of other people’s.

When our minds are clear of our own thoughts and feelings we are able to translate the vibrations of other people’s that are radiating out towards us.

I never intentionally invade another person’s energy space, I simply allow information to come to me if it is being directed towards me. Often people do not realise their thoughts gather energy and become powerful communicators, however, if they are thinking or feeling something strongly enough, I am guaranteed to pick up on it.

I don’t channel it and I never ask for information. This is something that is possible and I will explain fully in my next piece about being clairsentient.

I personally have no desire to tap into it further; I believe that if the information is delivered to me, it has come for a reason to make me aware of something that is vital so that I can make the right decisions or be aware who is with me, and who is against me. Either way, I never act on the information, I just give appreciation for the privilege of receiving it and alter my path and make the decisions necessary.

It is a beautiful gift and one that I believe all humans possess if they are willing to open up to it and experience the magic of it. It can be painful at times, however, I believe that pain to be necessary so that I can learn, adjust, make changes and continue my journey gifted with a superpower that has become my must trusted aide.



Loving & Understanding an Empath.


Author: Alex Myles

Editor: Travis May

Photos: Flickr/Jake Stimpson

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