July 12, 2015

Loving a Scorpio: Who’s Compatible with the Alchemist?

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When Scorpio falls in love, it is with intensity.

There is no doubt that life and love with a Scorpio can be incredibly rewarding and fun.

In my article “How to Seduce and Love a Scorpio,” I wrote that this magnetic sign is capable of bewitching a lover and bringing out their passion, but they are also capable of some more negative traits such as possessiveness, jealousy and lack of communication.

The sign of Scorpio rules over death, rebirth and the sexual organs. As such it is considered an Alchemist.

Alchemy speaks of transmutation, a skill that begins with one element and ends with another, much like death is simply a journey towards re-birth and new beginnings.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” ~ (not) Mahatma Gandhi 

That quote is pure alchemy, and Scorpio can learn much from it, finding what she needs within herself to increase her chances at being successful in love.

Scorpio, when at her best, is capable of great advancement from one state of being to another. Therefore, if she is entrenched in one or more of her more negative emotional states, she has the magic to ascend to more positive states of mind and being.

Being soulfully connected to the spirit world, Scorpio can draw on a wealth of resources such as her guides, ancestors and spirit animals for grounding and wisdom. This sign is quite magical, alchemy suits it very well.

Which sign of the zodiac will inspire Scorpio to tame its dark side, its need for secrecy and sometimes manipulative antics?

Scorpio shines when she is expressing her best qualities and many other sign of the zodiac are drawn to this challenging, sexy, intriguing individual.

Male or female, Scorpio has much to offer in a relationship. Who’s going to take the challenge?

Astrological predictions about sign compatibility are very interesting and deserve consideration. Having said that, as a Scorpio who loves a Leo (possibly one of the most intense pairings of all for a Scorpio), when two people find love, anything can be overcome with time and effort.

I have optimism that given a chance, Scorpio can keep any sign smiling.

Scorpio with Aries

Sparks, seduction and passion fly! Two strong signs that need to find their place in the dance. Aries will forget the fight if there is one and Scorpio will wonder how they could forget. Both signs need freedom, and if Scorpio can keep from becoming jealous all will be well. A compromise between privacy and freedom is key as well as an indulgence in both signs need for heat in the bedroom. If a long term agreement is met, Scorpio will reward with love and lust to spare but will balk at being a notch in the bedpost. Scorpio is so damn serious about sex.

Scorpio with Taurus

Intensity and a wish to have what the other possesses in intellect. Communication will be important; both quiet, deeply introspective signs, Taurus needs details while Scorpio is in short supply. There are many similarities, but approached from a different angle. Taurus is an opponent Scorpio must respect, or it will be bullied into a corner out of Taurus’s frustration. A good match in bed, Taurus’ raw and earthy is matched by Scorpio’s intensity. Taurus is just what Scorpio needs to tone things down a bit and not fry everyone around them with their overwhelming zest for life.

Scorpio with Gemini

Just walk away. If you insist, Gemini, you will be required to explain your changeable moods and promise to be predictable, which will never happen of course. Truth and trust will keep Scorpio from being frustrated with Gemini, and sex will need to be taken seriously or there will be none at all. This is one pairing that may see Scorpio reluctantly leave the effervescent Gemini, with hands in the air and sadness in their eyes. Perhaps these two are better as friends, satisfying their curiosity about each other but leaving it at that.

Scorpio with Cancer

A long lasting, happy relationship. Usually, Cancer will take great care of Scorpio but will need help understanding all those damn secrets! Cancer understands a hard outer core with a soft interior so will be empathetic to Scorpio’s foibles. These two signs are intuitive and will be able to communicate without words. If they can both keep from retreating when hurt, and keep honesty as their motto, all shall be well. Sex will be sweet and indulgent, perhaps not as fiery as with other signs but deeply satisfying. Arguments will be aplenty, loud ones at that, but the make-up sex will be worth it.

Scorpio with Leo

Oh dear. Passion. Intensity. Drama. Both will be right. Sex will be hot and often with all arguments solved by intimate connection. This combination will either conquer the world or crash and burn, or both at once. The Lion will not back down from battle and the Scorpion will be intent on leaving the last sting. They need separate territory, but also a deep connection emotionally as both need validation and loyalty. When these signs fall in love it is deep and tempestuous. Sensitive Leo will support Scorpio until the ends of the earth, and be deeply hurt if the favor is not returned. This union is not for the faint of heart, it’s either all in or all out.

Scorpio with Virgo

This can be pleasant as long as Virgo can keep Scorpio’s interest, with friendship and loyalty at the forefront. Virgo, a perfectionist, and Scorpio, a controller, are both responsible and can count on each other. Heat in the bedroom might build slowly but lead to a steady diet of fiery passion. If these two can keep from being overly critical of each other, the relationship will be a lifelong one. Virgo must not let Scorpio run amuck with its own ideas at their own expense. Boundaries and shared goals are best. Both signs will find the other a little bit curious (as in odd) and delight in figuring each other out.

Scorpio with Libra

Peace loving Libra is going to be mystified by why Scorpio wants more temper and less fair play. Scorpio will accept the flowers and candies but ask, Where is the rope and handcuffs? There will be a magnetic attraction, opposites and all that. But Scorpio may find the nice Libra easy prey for stings and barbs, Libra wanting justice and Scorpio scoffing at Libra’s naiveté. However, both want commitment and loyalty and if these are provided, things will last, if sometimes at Libra’s expense. It can be intense and interesting, with plain old fun just sharing life’s everyday activities.

Scorpio with Scorpio

Are you kidding me? The best and/or worst of both worlds! They’ll understand each other alright, but will familiarity breed contempt? It’s intense, erotic, heaven, hell, a roller-coaster of compromises, insecurities and loyalty. What a whirlwind. Who’s going to talk to whom when there are hurts? Who’s going to leave first if there are problems as both crave lifelong commitments? Who’s going to say they’re sorry? Either walk away or be prepared for a long, intense love affair, perhaps with need for an intermediary to help with problems. Get ready for the kink, playtime in the bedroom will be intense.

Scorpio with Sagittarius

Sagittarius may be overwhelmed by the intensely passionate Scorpio. That there will be misunderstandings is an understatement. The attraction will be hot, but things could unravel if Sagittarius throws ill-timed comments that it considers truth and miscalculates Scorpio’s tendency to strike back with a well calculated sting. Scorpio likes to tuck information away for an opportune moment while Sagittarius likes to tell all. The two will grapple if Sagittarius does not like Scorpios intense need to tackle life at full tilt. A great loyalty can prevail between the two, if both are willing to compromise and be supportive. Equally valuable teachers to each other, Scorpio and Sagittarius have the potential to shine together but it can be work.

Scorpio with Capricorn

Capricorn—loyal, hardworking, quiet—likes what power affords, and Scorpio loves power, understands quiet, needs loyalty…this could me awesome! Sexually it could be rockin’. The two can combine forces to feed off Scorpio’s emotions and fuel the Goat’s desire to climb the corporate ladder. Capricorn’s lust suits Scorpio just fine. Both value commitment, family, and Capricorn’s refusal to play games and steadfastness only stokes up Scorpios sexuality. An earthy union with many possibilities, they are like that dark river that seems to hold no heat, but underneath these two are simply on fire for each other.

Scorpio with Aquarius

Stand clear! Everyone is right here. Scorpio will demand control and Aquarius will scream independence. Both are vulnerable. Scorpio is intense, pretending to be cool; Aquarius, cool hiding its intensity—both signs in love with love. Aquarius will not put up with Scorpio’s scheming and Scorpio will demand to be number one. Shared interest will save the day as well as calm discussions which Aquarius is not always good at…you see what I mean? Compromise and communication, sex that is both deep and playful are key. A clear division of chores as well. This will not be easy but when good, can be liberating for Scorpio and grounding for Aquarius. One of these two will have to learn to give in in arguments or it will be like a chess game going nowhere.

Scorpio with Pisces

Scorpio might be able to push Pisces around a bit, but if Pisces is willing to stand firm, this pairing could be a spiritual and physical force to be reckoned with. Scorpios powerful passion is like a drug to Pisces who wants to indulge in their fantasies. Pisces will have to toughen up to deal with Scorpios jealousies and calculated manipulations, and this is one couple that might need to live separately to stay together. This bond borders on spiritual, intuitive and mysterious. Sensitivities aside, life-long Scorpio/Pisces pairings are usual. A high energy, intense pairing.



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