July 7, 2015

What it Means to Love a Wild-Hearted Woman.

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“The right man will love all the things about you that the wrong man was intimidated by.” ~ unknown

Her beaming smile was the first thing that caught your eye. Or maybe it was the way she was covered in dirt and singing happily all on her own.

Whatever little thing it was that drew you in, soon your gaze and heart were captured by a wild-hearted woman.

She’s the type of woman who dances in the rain and swims naked under the moonlight.

She will stop everything to help an animal in distress and will fight alongside those who’ve been wronged.

She is strong and beautiful—and can be hard as hell to love.

Loving a wild-hearted woman means checking your ego at the door: know that you’ll never own her heart.

You see her heart is wild as she wanders on her own path letting the wind guide her way.

She believes in karma, crystals and good coffee.

She is a nomad, always stretching her wings and ready for the next adventure.

I am sure many people said trying to love a wild-hearted woman is a waste: we are too strong-willed, too much for any man. Many are intimated by us—by our strength, our intelligence, our fire.

Yet you followed your heart and set out to win the heart of this wild-hearted girl.

Where other men where intimated by her, you were awed. You loved her for her intelligence and strength.

Her fire made yours shine even brighter.

You recognize her need for solace yet are always there when the silence was overwhelming.

You never try to clip her wings, but sit with a calm and soothing presence when the flight gets too rocky.

Her roots are never firmly planted, her feet always ready for a new path.

Her heart craves the adrenaline of new adventures.

You stand beside her, never looking to lead or follow—you are simply her partner, her lover, her calm to a sometimes raging storm.

You seek to love her and never change her, only adding to her spark, to her flame.

You succeed where others failed because you never once judged her or wanted to change her.

You always embraced the wild, treasuring the rarity of a love like this.

You dared to love a wild hearted woman; in return you have a wild once-in-a-lifetime type of love.





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Author: Michele Genzardi

Editor: Renée Picard

Image: Anthony Cain at Flickr 

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