July 11, 2015

Why Manifesting our Truest Desires is a lot like Reaching Orgasm.

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While, um, “loving myself,” I had an epiphany.

Imagine being deep in the throes of your own version of the “I Touch Myself” music video, when this thought comes to you: Manifesting your truest desires is a lot like reaching orgasm.

Stay with me here, and we’ll discover how these two are similar and result in the ultimate happy ending.

We have to be in the right place.

If we are with someone we’re completely not attracted to, it’s going to be hard to get excited. For example, if I’m contemplating how dirty his apartment is—likely, my happy parts are going to stay dry. It’s important that we let our authentic-self guide our moves, so we are in the right space. When we are in the space we’re meant to be in, the Universe will open doors.

We have to get out of our own head.

I don’t know how it is for men, but as a woman, if I’m in my head analyzing and overthinking, I am never going to reach “The Big O.” Honestly, the only way I can get there is to stop thinking and just be. If I’m playing 20 questions in my head, I’m not focusing on what’s in front of me (or on top or underneath me). The same is true for life. If we’re constantly second guessing every move—replaying history or analyzing every action—we cease to move forward. Hey, if you get it wrong—it’s just information for the next go around. Stop thinking and just be.

We have to accept ourselves.

If we aren’t willing to get at least a little naked, we aren’t going to have sex. No sex, no orgasm. We have to be willing to be vulnerable. If I’m contemplating my body or my worthiness, while trying to “get jiggy wit it,” I’ll never reach climax. I have to be willing to, frankly, look and be primal. Primal isn’t always pretty, but remember—primal is attractive. People are drawn to real and authentic souls. To manifest our deepest desires, we have to be ourselves. The Universe can’t use us for our highest purpose if we’re unwilling to share our authentic self.

We have to allow ourselves to have desires.

Allow yourself the gift of a little selfishness. Know and work towards what you want. Do the things you like. A good partner will be more than happy to help you achieve your goal. The Universe is the same way. It wants us to succeed and fulfill our ultimate purpose. Sometimes I feel bad when I feel good—like I’m unworthy of happiness. However, there’s no room for negative energy when manifesting truest desires. It’s okay to live in a state of joy and gratitude—and scream “Oh God!” upon completion. It’s what the Universe wants for us.

We have to be in the present.

For me, this is the most challenging of them all. If I’m focusing on anything other than the joy of the moment, I am sure to delay or stifle my volcanic love eruption. Life is the same. Enjoy the moment and truly live in it. When we are in the past, future, regretting or wishing—we aren’t using the moment to fulfill our divine purpose. Be in the present. That means down to the millisecond. Purpose is in progress.

These are the keys to manifesting our truest desires. Sometimes others are with us on our journey, and other times, it’s just us—doin’ our own thing.

Either way, every day is a new opportunity to get naked, open up and live life with a bang!



How to Boost our Orgasmic Potential.


Author: Rochelle Qualkenbush

Editor: Yoli Ramazzina

Photo: Flickr/Allan Glen

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