August 24, 2015

A Tough Love Letter to those Who Forget They are Magic.


Warning: Adult language

When you look at yourself do you see what I see? I’m thinking not.

I think you forget.

That you are magic.

So, here it is. Read this slowly and take it all in.

From here onward, no more doubting your self. No more second guessing. No more being afraid to be exactly who you are.

No more failing to recognise how enchanting and mesmerising your presence is.

It is time to stop comparing yourself to others. It’s not healthy. Believe me when I say the only place that sh*t takes you is down the rolling road to low self-esteem.

No more aching because you can’t make someone love you. No more trying desperately hard to win over someone’s affections. No more frantically running after those who are entangled with others.

No more chasing—full stop.

Love and happiness should never be chased. You will never ever catch them. Not ever.

True love is like a firefly and is magnetised to the light. All you need to do is glow. It will come to you.

You are magical. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. It is okay to believe in unicorns and dragons, and to know that you are made of stardust and are a unique miracle whose existence is essential to earth.

You just need to open your eyes wide enough to really see that anything is possible and that you are not bound down, you are limitless.

Fairy-tales and happy-ever-afters exist, but here is the thing—you have to create these things for yourself. No other man or woman is going to do it for you. Not your papa or your soul mate or anyone else out there knows how to build the life you dream of. Only you can do that. And you are entirely capable.

Nothing is ever going to matter as much to that exquisite heart of yours as that which you achieve with your ingenious mind, a f*** load of imagination, and your restless creative hands.

Also, let me let you in on a little secret. No one around you has it all figured out. No one. I’ve written this, but believe me when I say I’ve written it as much for myself as anyone else. And if I read it a hundred times over, parts of it still won’t fully sink in. I will still doubt myself.

That’s because we’ve spent years being conditioned into believing that we cannot be the fullest versions of ourselves. We are afraid to stand in our own brilliant radiance and shine, as every time we try someone is hiding in the wings ready to knock us straight back down.

There will always be those who are watching from the stalls in the arena, praying and hoping we fall. We’ll allow them the role of spectator if they really must, but make sure you shock them to the core when you show how fast you are willing to rebound again and again.

Goddammit even if you stumble, you’ve got to at least give it one hell of a shot.

You are a work of art. All artwork is a process. All masterpieces take time and the most important thing is progression—not perfection.

We must witness the beauty in ourselves; it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks—we are the only ones that need to see our self-worth.

Just like with art, those who are also willing to do the hard work will also recognise the beauty in others who have done the same. If we are not willing to do any work and we remain stagnant, again, we will attract those who also do not wish to grow.

Just because you are a little different from others doesn’t mean you are weird, strange, crazy or odd. You are not a square peg, or a round one for that matter. Your shape will change every single day.

You are you and of all the seven billion people on this planet, not one other person shares your blueprint. It is essential that you learn to appreciate and adore your differences. Until you do, no one else stands a chance of getting to know all the bits and pieces that make up your puzzle and they won’t work out how to love them either.

It’s time to stop searching for approval. It is time to stop asking or hoping to be liked. It’s time to stop looking for love in the wrong places. You are never going to find the truth in things when you are seeking. They will always elude you. You will only see the illusion of what you hope to find.

We are never going to gain the approval of all others. It is impossible to be accepted and liked by everyone. We will never find the true essence in love when we do not sit back and allow it to delicately touch us and let us know it has arrived.

And there are always going to be those who judge, speak harshly or find pleasure from criticising or putting us down. Negativity stems from fear and jealousy. People are afraid of what they do not understand.

When you shine, your brightness hurts their eyes. It dazzles and bewilders them. Your light touches the edges of their shadow. It highlights parts of them that they are afraid to look at. It is easier for some people to tear others down rather than build themselves up.

Not everyone will want to see you soar. And that’s okay. When you are flying high you won’t even notice or care what others think. You will see that those flying by your side are the ones who will pause to be the wind blowing beneath your wings if you weaken. Those are the ones who will help you climb higher, not be the cause of your fall.

If someone is happy with themselves they will never feel the need to pull another person down.

Don’t get drawn in by them or pulled under; open your heart, do not judge and above all, show them love. Always remember, hurt people hurt people.

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.” ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

You’ll make mistakes, plenty of them. You always will. Here’s the thing. It’s not the mistakes that are made that matter in the end—what really counts is how we rectify them.

We can’t take an eraser to the past, although, we can turn each negative into a positive. There’s more to be learned from mistakes than anything else life shows us.

So, promise me: Let go of perfection. It doesn’t exist. Believe in magic. It exists.

And I have one last promise to ask.

Above all else, If it is the only thing you believe in:

Believe in yourself.

It’s not always easy, but with practice, progression and patience, absolutely anything is possible.



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Author: Alex Myles

Editor: Travis May

Photo: Flickr/Micadew

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