August 3, 2015

Finding the Healing Source Within Us.


People have recognized that disease is their worst enemy.

Perhaps, oblivious to the root causes of deteriorating health, human beings have succumbed to overwhelming technology and excessive medicinal and surgical interventions to acquire fast solutions and be able to go back to their daily activities. They tend to forget that in every human being, there is an innate resource that has the power to restore health.

It is referred to as the healing force or the healing hand of the soul.

Illness and disease transpire when energy is no longer balanced. This healing force brings physical, psychological, and spiritual balance back to the human body’s energy system.

There is a new kind of medicine emerging today, known as personalized medicine, which uses an individual’s unique genetic identity to guide the medical decisions, practices, diagnostic testing, and therapy for that person.

It is a holistic approach that stems from the principle that human beings are more than mere biological organisms. The substance and meaning of one’s physical being comes from a more indescribable, spiritual level of human existence. Humans are also regarded as spiritual beings, and the healing force is the power within each person that can help heal any disease.

The mental, physical and emotional obstacles that threaten the happiness, peace and health in our lives have hindered the flow of energy in our bodies. So how can we unleash the power of the healing force?

There are no shots, pills or procedures involved, only three practices that will lead to an inward path back to that source of all wellness: yoga, meditation, and journaling.

Exercise is the most important step that we can take toward achieving wellness.

In this context, exercise should not refer to an intense workout regimen that provokes exhaustion and depletes our energy stores by breaking down the body’s own tissues. This disrupts the balance of our life energy system and places tremendous strain on the healing force in trying to achieve and maintain harmony.

That being said, no form of exercise is more effective than yoga in keeping the body’s energy balanced. Not only does it reduce stress, but regular practice of even a few yoga positions cultivates muscular strength, flexibility in the spine and muscles, improves circulation, expands lung capacity, boosts a healthy digestion, and prevents the joints and bones from becoming stiff and brittle.

Yoga is also thought of as an exercise that “works within” because it soothes and expands the soul even if that is not the particular goal for taking yoga classes. It engages the muscles, thoughts, feelings, and attitudes, thereby enhancing health and balancing life energy.

Another technique for calming mental storms is meditation.

It is the practice of looking deep into one’s innermost center—consciously shutting all of the disturbing mental chatter; clearing away harmful thoughts and fears, and identifying the source of all clarity and peace within ourselves. It opens up a doorway to a life of stillness and calm that inspires total wellness.

Scientific studies have identified physiologic effects of meditation such as lower respiration rate, reduced oxygen consumption, and slower rate of metabolism. Consequently, the relaxation that accompanies meditation has been shown to slow the pulse rate, ease tension in the muscles, and slow the production of adrenaline.

The practice of daily meditation allows the healing force to be directed where it is needed and restore balance. Whereas pharmaceutical medication is used to heal the physical aspect and a specific site of the body, meditation reverberates in every cell and has a global healing influence.

Journaling or keeping diaries is found to have a positive impact on physical well-being as well.

Researches have pointed to self-reflection as a means to encourage healthy habits, therefore leading to a healthier body. Studies even point to the contribution of journaling to the decrease in the symptoms of asthma and rheumatoid arthritis.

Journaling clarifies our thoughts and feelings, helps us to know ourselves better, reduces stress, helps us solve problems and resolve disagreements with others. Writing about stressful events can help us calm down and reduce our stress levels, thereby decreasing the impact of the stressors on our physical health.

Journaling also stimulates the left brain, which is the analytical and rational part, whereas the right brain is free to create, intuit and feel. It helps us be at peace with ourselves and the world around us.

Today’s fast-paced life has led people to ignore their health.

Inadvertently, they are allowing their body, mind and soul to deteriorate faster. While it is important to take advantage of the best that science and medicine can offer, it is just as important to take personal responsibility for our health and make it a top priority by helping ourselves in the healing process.


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Author: Paisley Hansen

Editor: Renee Jahnke

Image: Poppet-Flickr

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