August 4, 2015

How my Dog Inspires me to be a Better Person.

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Some living creatures are unaware of any bad in the world.

One of these creatures is my Golden Retriever, Bonita.

As humans, we deal with sickness and death, pain and suffering, separation and divorce, cheating and abuse and many other negative things.

There are good things, too. Like a new mom holding her newborn baby, the sunset, the moon and stars, love and compassion, healing and helping others.

Life is full of ups and downs—the good comes the bad.

Before my first child was born, Bonita had been the best thing that had ever happened to me.

She is my best friend—more patient and loving than any human being I have ever known. She is more human than most people.

When I was a child, I always wanted to have a dog but my parents thought that I could not manage to look after one.

After I grew up, one day my husband and I went to a pet shop to buy food for his tortoise. And while he was looking for the food, I fell in love with a Golden Retriever puppy who was dancing on her back to attract my attention. I asked my husband whether we could get her, thinking he would say “no.”

He said, “yes” and we took her home.

My dream had come true and finally I had a dog.

Since then, we have been through many negative events in our lives and she has always been there for us. She has seen our most frustrated and desperate moments, but she always manages to make us smile. Looking in her eyes and seeing her gratitude has been therapy for me during my saddest times.

I was right to want a dog, because I need her positive energy so much, especially when I need someone to understand me. Obviously she cannot talk, but she can communicate better than most people, believe me!

She speaks with her eyes—she tells me how much she loves me and she understands how much I love her in return.

I recommend that everyone should have at least one dog in their lives to experience unconditional love.

“The better I get to know men, the more I find myself loving dogs.” ~ Charles de Gaulle

Yes, it is so hard to take care of a dog, but it is absolutely worth it. It is a responsibility we cannot quit. We have to walk them, feed them and share our happiness.

Sharing our happiness and peace is the most important.

It is similar to taking care of a baby, since Bonita will always remain like a baby who does not want and need anything except my love.

Some people, even my family and relatives, cannot understand my love towards Bonita. This is understandable, as nobody loves my dog as I do. But nobody has the right to underestimate the love between us, as she has witnessed my hurt and how much she has tried to help.

One time, my newborn baby was nearly choking and Bonita saw that I was panicking. She gave me an encouraging look, saying with her eyes, “Anet, you can do it—you can save the baby.”

Bonita is sensitive and intelligent. Moreover, she is so positive. That’s why she is my heroine and I use her as a good example in life. She smiles without reason, like in Noa’s song “Life is Beautiful (That Way).”

Smile, without a reason why
Love, as if you were a child,
Smile, no matter what they tell you
Don’t listen to a word they say
Cause life is beautiful that way.

Tears, a tidal wave of tears
Light, that slowly disappears
Wait, before you close the curtain
There is still another game to play
And life is beautiful that way

Here with his eyes forevermore
I will always be as close as you
Remember from before
Now that you’re out there on your own
Remember what is real and
What we dream is love alone

Keep the laughter in you eyes
Soon your long awaited prize
We’ll forget about our sorrows
And think about a brighter day
Cause life is beautiful that way.

~ Noa

I wish I could be like Bonita—forgiving and forgeting everything and everybody that have caused me pain.

One day I will and it will be because of Bonita’s unconditional love.


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Author: Anet Kalpakciyan

Apprentice Editor: Amanda Volponi/Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

Photo: courtesy of the author

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