August 5, 2015

Marry a Man who Touches You.



Marry a man who uses his strength, his sensuality, his softness and his sexuality to touch you…physically, intimately and deeply through your mind, body and soul.

Marry a man who touches you first thing in the morning, right before your body fully wakes, whose fingers entwine with yours during the day, and whose lips press kisses onto your eyelids as he brushes the hair from your face each night before you sleep.

Fall for a man who knows that grown men cry, and tremble at times, and that it is okay to feel scared about love, loss and loneliness. His vulnerability is what tenderly touches the hidden parts of you.

Marry a man who is not afraid to pull you close when a storm sets in, and one who knows his touch is a powerful force when blowing and moving black clouds.

Be adored by a man who touches your imperfections, a man who strokes the tangles free from your hair, who bites at the bones of your hips, the edges of your chaos, and magically heals deeply rooted wounds while slowly moving his hand over your scars.

Marry a man whose soothing embrace keeps you centred and safe. Wherever in the world you may be, whatever roads you may roam, whatever part of your journey you are on, his touch brings you home.

A man who is never too busy or too preoccupied to lie under the stars and talk about the mysteries of the universe. A man who finds wonder in how the stars need the darkness to shine and one who wants to touch the stories that lie within the vortex of your heart.

Explore life with a man who is free-spirited, fearless, carefree and wild; one who lives without boundaries, rules and regulations; one who cares about things that matter and who has no interest in the things that don’t. Marry a man who does not understand why the world lives by unwritten rules and social norms and expectations.

Someone who is not afraid to break down walls, tear down barriers and penetrate hard layers to get to your core.

A man who is genuine, real and authentic and who wants to touch the naked truth, while not being afraid of what he might find.

Marry a man who knows that he is a blend of masculine and feminine and that the process of alchemy mixed to create that gold. Marry someone who is happy to explore and express both sides, and who doesn’t question or doubt who he is when he is in-touch and in-tune with each aspect of himself.

Fall for a man who exquisitely touches your soul when he takes accountability for his thoughts, words and actions. The one who does not see his errors as flaws, rather as lessons required to make changes and adjustments.

Marry a man who will never try to tone your colours, file your sharp edges or dim your light—a man who knows that when you shine, his world shines too. Be touched by a man who is honoured to be the one who holds you tight, but knows you must be just far away enough so that you can spin like a lighthouse and view what’s around you with space and clarity.

Marry a man who has let go of baggage, heavy weights and painful past experiences, so that his shoulders are light and his arms are free to wrap fully around you so you can create new memories to replace the ones that used to haunt him.

The type of man I would marry is one who knows that to touch a woman deeply he needs to first see her mind. Someone who is willing to look inside a woman, not just at her, and a man who knows how to make love to the mind and is able to seduce without physical touch.

A man who loses himself momentarily in the pleasurable sensations that arise in his body when he touches the woman at his side.

Most of all, marry a man who knows how to touch himself first; a man who knows that to love someone else, he first must know how to love himself. A man who knows that a woman is not a part of him, but an added bonus to his life. The man worth marrying is a man who sees himself as being one worth marrying, who is willing to give, but is also willing to take.

The man whose touch means the most is the man whose touch has the right intention when, how and where he touches you. The touch will be one that sends shivers through your body and mind and reminds you that the magnificent man at your side is the one who you choose, day after day, to be the one who has the privilege of touching you for life.

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