August 10, 2015

Sun Salutations for a Focused Mind. {Video}

Sun Salutations is a perfect sequence to do to focus the mind.

It is a basic enough sequence that most yogis already know the routine, but I have made an instructional video for those who’d like to follow along or who need a little refresher on the postures:

I love Sun Salutations because I know the postures. I can flow through the sequence without giving it too much thought. Instead of thinking about what pose I should include in the routine next, I can simply breathe and let my muscles move through a routine they already know. There doesn’t need to be any planning or strategy. There doesn’t need to be any flourish or fanciness. Instead, it is a simple dance where we can let ourselves get lost in our breath instead of dwelling in the mind.

Sun Salutations is best performed at sunrise or sunset, as it is honoring the fresh start that is a new day as the sun goes up and also expresses gratitude for the day we have experienced as the sun goes down. However, I think Sun Salutations is a sequence we can do at any time, especially when we need a bit of focus and celebration in our day.

Focus on the moment.

Celebrate the practice.

Focus on the breath.

Celebrate life.

Breathe in.

Breathe out.

Get lost in the motion. Get lost in the breath. Get lost in the practice. Get lost in the moment.

This practice is simple and basic, but so powerful.

Besides, some days we all need to return to basics, to establish a strong foundation, physically, mentally, and spiritually.



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