August 12, 2015

This is How You’ll Know that I’m Yours.


My Love, never doubt what lies in my heart for you.

I could shower you with gifts and deliver a meadow full of flowers, but it would hardly express what keeps me awake at night while you sleep.

Do you know that the sight of your face, peaceful in sleep, breaks my heart into a million aching pieces? Your beauty inside and out is a wicked way to keep me staring.

I wait for your eyes to open, sensual like a sleeping dragon that keeps me trapped within its cave. Even if you let me go I could not run, for where is there to go after you? There is no sea, no ocean, no underground river as deep as your love.

I am drowned to your essence and I wish to stay that way.

The day you promised yourself to me is tattooed on my soul. I remember your words and the tears in your eyes and the way you held me. I remember the way you gave yourself to me and it was nothing short of heaven.

Your body is a temple I enter with reverence and lust. The way you unfold for me brings me to tears. The skill of your mouth on mine is a symphony of music that deafens me to another’s call. Never release me from this spell, your magic is the only web that I wish to cling to.

In those moments when your eyes seek mine and I see the questions within, I long to re-assure you that there is nothing to fear. I am yours like the moon belongs to the sun, and the stars belong to the sky. I live on the same breath of air that sustains you.

Life is simply a reflection of your image onto the canvas of my being.

Know that I am yours when I…

Leave you a note in the pocket of your coat
Send you some music that reminds me of you
Bring you a coffee before you’re awake
Offer you a pear covered in chocolate for dessert
Call you the minute I leave your side
Follow you around the apartment with my eyes
Cook you a meal while you sip some champagne

Run you a bath and ask to wash your hair
Kiss you in public with the hunger that I feel
Write you a poem or a sonnet or some prose
Keep your side of our sinful bed warm
Dream up a weekend to take you away on
Hold your hand possessively when we enter a room
Talk about you to others as if no-one else matters

Kiss you in places that you thought were forbidden
Keep my evenings free for snuggling on the couch
Love you with a passion that leaves you begging for sleep
Pin you to the wall while I ravage your neck
Call you at work and make you breathless and wet
Ask you to marry me even though you’re already mine
Keep you wasted on my love, drunk on my scent

Read you the classics while you fall into sleep
Pack you a picnic and insist on eating you first
Love all your quirks and insist that they’re cute
Stare at you when your friends are around, sharing my secret smile with just you
Buy you a journal and write in it first…”You’re mine. Get ready. I need you tonight.”

We could never explain what we have to the world.

We could never understand the labyrinth of our connection in a way that is spoken. We simply exist within the boundaries of its mystery. We entered the sacred twists and knots of the circle with faith that our journey together wouldn’t be broken. I hold your safety in my hands and you mine. Our path leaves no footsteps that lead us out of our love.

Hold me close, you are my solace, my dream catcher, the constellation that guides my travels.

I give you intangibles, things that leave no trace of their existence, except for the etchings of my love on your heart.

Is this enough, because if not, I have more. I will share my dreams, my most shattering longings. You have access to it all, take what there is; I can only promise what I have, the rest, you mustn’t crave.

What is missing, you will find in the core of yourself. I will help you discover all that lies within your holy grail. Your path is as sacred to me, as is mine. Your soul mate is you; I am an addition to your inner wealth.

Show me your secrets, bare yourself to me. I will hold all that you are tenderly, like a sparrow or a butterfly with fragile wings.

By these things you’ll know that I am ours. By these things we will grow what is uniquely ours.


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Author: Monika Carless

Editor: Travis May

Image: Pixaby

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Read 4 comments and reply

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