September 18, 2015

An Autumn Exhale.


Chilly crispness creeps into the early evening air,

The first blush of Fall.

Cool breeze

Warm, melty sorbet setting sun

Autumn etches itself deep inside me, like a suave, sensual lover.

Leaves dance to the beat of the breeze, eager to shed their plump summer skins,

And transform into something even more magnificent.

I’m eager to shed my skin, too

And let my soul show, exposed, like a tender secret.

I exhale, wistfully.

Darkness leaks into the horizon like navy blue ink,

I savor it.

Fall is to fall, to unravel into our own arms like raw silk

And catch ourselves, gently.

Fall is to embrace the whipping winds of darkness, of change

With a fierce heart

And embody the gem-like wisdom that lives year-round, in our souls.

Fall into Autumn,

Fall into yourself

And catch yourself, gently, like a rust-tinged leaf.

Stand in the crisp breeze at sunset

Part the frothy seas of your worries, regrets and mistakes,

Let your raw soul be revealed, in a thrilling striptease of leaves.

Unclasp your hands

And your heart

And exhale.

Let go,

Of what was—of the tattered, sepia-colored pages

That used to be.

See those pages blow away, dissolving into thin air

As your ghosts fly off into the midnight-blue horizon,

Leaving only a thin residue intertwined in a whispering memory.


A subtle, powerful shift.

An Autumn exhale.

Kiss each painfully beautiful change with your soul’s tongue

Welcome them,

And be reborn.

Yes, be





An Epic Taste of Stillness. {Poem}


Author: Sarah Harvey

Editor: Yoli Ramazzina

Photo: Flickr/mrhayata

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Read 2 comments and reply

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