September 10, 2015

Does being an Intuition Devotee make Life Easier?

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Sometimes I hate my intuition.

There, I said it.

But I made a vow to always follow it because when making decisions, my logical thinking and reasoning can talk me in and out of anything. Cue procrastination, frustration and much biscuit eating.

I am a Libran. That doesn’t help. We are the poster girls for indecision. So, if I feel my decisions I do much better. But when the rubber hits the road, that isn’t always easy street. Oh my. No. Can I tell you about it? Mind if I share?

She’s Not an Easy Ride.

Intuition is feminine energy, but, of course, belongs to all of us. Its masculine energy counterpart is logical or analytical thinking.

I imagine my intuition lounging on a chaise in a silky robe nibbling figs and sipping a cocktail with an olive in it. She’s got red lipstick and a pile of siren blonde hair. She can be commanding. And demanding. She has asked some seriously major stuff of me: I’ve moved continents, countries, cities, let go of jobs, income streams, friends and lovers.

And she asks it all with a smile; no biggie, she mouths. And that just makes me eat biscuits.

Intuition is so deliciously personal. Intimate. Right action for you doesn’t mean right for me. I love my intuition for that. She doesn’t do generic.

But goodness, we get into some struggles. She thinks I’m stubborn. Well, she would, wouldn’t she?

And I think she’s pushy. I will do what she asks but in my own time, know what I’m saying?  I’ll admit she has to nag sometimes. So?

What does she expect if she wants me to chuck my life off a cliff when there’s no sign of a parachute?

Trusting Intuition.

Trusting that she’s right, now that’s trial and error.

Folks say intuition is always right. Agree. But my little ‘ole human ideas about “right” can play havoc with that. Like sometimes I think by following my intuition certain things will happen. And they don’t.

So was I wrong, or was she underperforming?

But I have to own my part and say maybe I have had too many expectations of her. Or perhaps the wrong expectations. I’ve learned with Ms. Blonde Siren to just keep it simple like she does.

She just says, “Yes. No. Stay. Go.”  That type of thing. I have learned (the hard way) to keep it simple, too. Just follow the simple instruction, then follow the next simple instruction, without peppering it all up and projecting and assuming I know exactly where we may be heading and what’s going to happen.

Warning. Don’t do that. That leads to tears, frustration and lots of biscuit eating.

Doubts. Of course. I admit I have doubted my inner guidance. Big time. But I don’t give myself a hard time about that.

No, really I don’t. Why? Because it takes a lot of courage to trust intuitive feelings. Mostly I was taught to trust what makes sense.

Well, intuition doesn’t always make sense. She is a mystery. And she likes it that way. Trust me. It’s best to leave her unexplained. I have received a middle finger every time I think I’ve nailed her.

Intuition is like a doorway. A doorway into a land not marked by reason or clouded by “should” and “should nots.” And with hand on hip, she loves to confront my logical thinking and reasoning. She doesn’t want anything to do with them. The snob. But I bless and thank my logical, practical thinking. It does many wonderful things, it’s just that creativity and inspiration are not its thing.

Your Own Personal Sat Nav.

People call it sixth sense, inner voice, voice of the soul or heart. Agree. Where the hell does it come from? Inside. That’s all I need to know. She bubbles up inside me from the depths. That’s why intuition is pure and can’t be tainted with anybody else’s viewpoint. Hooray!

I am not sure my life has been any easier since I’ve been an intuition devotee.

At times, it has required great courage and strength, not to mention risk, to let my intuitive senses guide me and I’ve worked hard to build good trust muscles. Intuition has taken me where I needed to grow. And for this I am deeply grateful. So, I am a hand on heart believer that making choices from an intuitive space over a rational one leads me to a more inspired and in sync with the universe type of life.

And. And this is a big “and.”

My life is more me. More authentically, really me.

I know listening to my intuition means I’m in tune with myself. I’ve got my own answers. I may not always like them, but I’ve got them.

10 ways to get friendlier with your intuition:

1)  Get curious and clear about what intuition feels like because we can confuse it with other voices. For example, intuition is not wishful thinking, desire, emotion or need. This may sound obvious, but we feel it in our body—gut and heart.

2)  Intuition is very personal. What is right for me may not be right for you, so rely on what you feel.

3)  Make it a habit to accept what your intuition tells you, even if you don’t act on it.

4)  Feel the fear; that’s okay. It can be scary. Following your intuition requires trust in yourself.

5)  Expect your logical mind and your intuition to clash—best just to accept this and watch it.

6)  Intuition is best felt in a quiet space, so give yourself time and space to feel.

7)  You cannot command inner clarity; it is either there or it isn’t. Sometimes we need to be patient, wait, feel and trust.

8)  If you feel emotional, beware!  This is not a good time to try and locate your intuitive feelings. It’s better to wait until your emotions have subsided a bit and then tune in.

9)  Try to avoid having expectations when following your intuition. Stay open. Enjoy the mystery. It may not deliver what you think you want, but it will deliver what you need at the deepest level.

10)  Intuitive answers ask us to let go of always needing to know why. A good opportunity to be less reason-obsessed!


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Author: Dettra Rose

Volunteer Editor: Kim Haas / Editor: Toby Israel

Image: Volitare88 / Flickr


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