September 14, 2015

How Life gets Better when We Understand why We’re Not Really a Victim.


“Why is this happening to me?”
“What did I do to deserve this?”
“If only this were different, my life would be so much better!”
“If this would happen only once, I could be happy!”
“Once I’ve achieved this, my life will fall into place!”
“This always happens to me!”

It’s so comforting, isn’t it? So familiar, this place?

This railing against Fate place…

This “Life is unfair” place…

This “Why is this is all happening to me?” place…

It might feel so much harder, scarier, if we were to stop believing we are victims. If we were to stop thinking that we’re being punished when apparently “bad” things happen. If we were to stop thinking we’re helpless, and that life is a series of random happenings we haven’t said “yes” to.

But maybe not. Maybe it would feel quite different. How about we give it a go?

Just supposing we were to allow ourselves to take on board what is actually happening? What if we were to allow a new spiritual perspective, grounded in the wisdom and insights of the past, but also in the cutting edge science of this quantum world we now inhabit? What would that look like?

Well, for a start, instead of seeing life as something in which fate simply deals us a random hand, or in which the Divine sets us a series of challenges and tests, which we must negotiate satisfactorily before we can return home, we would see the Earth as our playground.

And we would start to see this life as an adventure that we, as powerful and purposeful co-creators, were manifesting moment by moment.

We would say that we have chosen to be here. That, at a soul level, we have decided that it would be fun. And that, while we were about it, we would like to learn some new things that would contribute to the expansion of all that is.

We would say that the universe is continually expanding and evolving, and that this is through the experiencing and observing of the realities that we are going to create.

We would say that we understand that we are all beings of light and energy, and that this is the substance of the entire universe. We would understand that this is also a vibrational universe, and that its highest vibration is that of love. We would know that everything is constantly vibrating, and that vibrationally like attracts like.

We would understand that matter is compressed light, and that spirit is light which is not compressed. We would understand, however, that there is no separation, and that we are all the same energy, light emerging and re-emerging. That we have always been so and will always be so. That birth and death are just aspects of that energy emerging and re-emerging.

What an adventure, we will have thought, to inhabit a physical universe, to have a human experience, and to explore consciousness in physical form! To enjoy physicality and the experience of this life fully. To know that every experience we ever have is Source expanding through us and in us. That we can never get it wrong, we can only grow in love, wisdom, and compassion.

And we would also understand why we do not remember these things, but have to rediscover them: what an amazingly creative thought, we would say to ourselves! For a while, to forget that we are magnificent beings of light and immense power, sparks of Source energy, all One. Instead, allow voluntary amnesia, and pretend for a while to be separate beings, in reality existing within a holographic universe, but seemingly existing according to the illusions of time and space.

We would understand that this is how we get to explore our own uniqueness, our creative potential, our capacity for love and compassion, empathy and understanding, but also for hate, anger, envy, rivalry and destructiveness. In this make believe world, we would allow that we can create the illusion of duality, and experience fear, darkness, doubt, evil. And we would know that we are simply playing a game in which we gradually relearn our own light, power, and connection, and remember who we are. And as we do so, expand all that is.

And most importantly, in the experiencing and perceiving of all this, we would understand that the nature of that expansion is to grow in love and understanding, compassion, acceptance and wisdom.

We would understand that we may choose to experience any aspect of this physical experience, including poverty, cruelty, disease, and disability, grief, alongside the wonderfully loving and joyful aspects of life. And that we will do so in the company of other sparks of Source with whom we agree to reincarnate again and again. Our soul family, or soul tribe.

We would know that we can also choose themes which will run through particular lifetimes, which will lead us into a deeper understanding and appreciation of intimacy, love, forgiveness, freedom, oneness. We would understand that we prepare the drama ready for its unfolding, prior to incarnating, and set the scene, agree on the actors and what role they will play. And that, once we are ready, we jump right in, excitedly and in anticipation, and we are born and it begins!

And we would also know that, when we do choose to incarnate, we come surrounded by so many beings of light, all of whom have known us from the beginning, who have always loved us and always watched over and guided us. We are never ever alone. Never ever without guidance or help. Because that, too, is planned and agreed. And we have all the learning and wisdom of Source available to us whenever we seek it.

And if we can remember that, lots of things get easier! And so much is immediately different:

We no longer feel like a victim. We don’t blame, we don’t point the finger, we don’t judge. We don’t complain, we don’t feel sorry for ourselves, we no longer say, ‘’Why me?’’ or ‘‘If only.”

We interact differently with life because we know we chose it, and agreed it, as did everyone else we come across. We all agreed to it, and planned the key events beforehand. And no matter how it seems, in this particular playground, and this particular lifetime, we are all the best of friends.

We live in the knowledge that we are all Source, all sparks of that same energy, and therefore that we are all love. It can be no other way. And so instead of blaming, we say, “What did you come, generously and willingly, to teach me?” Or, “What am I meant to help you to experience/learn?” Or “You are a mirror for me, thank you for reflecting this back to me.”

Even: “It must have been so hard to be willing to agree to cause me this degree of emotional pain for my own learning. I appreciate what a sacrifice that will have been for you.” Or “My walking away is part of my journey, and part of yours also. Peace and light.”

And we feel what a difference that comprehension makes!

There are then no victims, only willing co-creators. Nothing is ever going wrong, and nothing is ever out of control. We are always exactly where we need to be, both for ourselves, and also in relation to everyone and everything else in this ever-expanding web we are weaving.

And that web is composed of love and of light. It is pure loving energy, consciousness, awareness expanding and vibrating, holding us all in the most tender, loving, compassionate embrace. The greater part of who we are is always guiding, sharing, and supporting us.

And its nature is Love. Always and only Love.

Wow! What a privilege! What an adventure! What a challenge and what a blessing!

Which do you choose?



The Practice of Peaceful Abiding.


Author: Janny Juddly

Editor: Travis May

Photo: Pixabay

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