September 13, 2015

Purple Peace. {A Meditation Poem}

Flickr/Wajahat Mahmood

I long for purple peace—the color I see in meditation.

The journey once unknown and unattainable,
The concerns, the ideas, the worries—the thoughts I see in meditation.
Day upon day,
Month upon month,
Purple flashes appear in meditation,
Coupled with endless items to do—yet I see hope in purple peace.
Year upon year,
Month upon month,
Day upon day,
Longing for purple peace—knowing the feeling—I stay dedicated to meditation.
Month upon month—I sit. I listen.
I quiet my mind.
It is okay to have the countless thoughts, as there is purple peace between the chatter.
There is love, warmth and stillness.
Day upon day—purple peace is more prevalent.
My creativity peaks.
My life settles.
My mind calms.
I have more space for my desires.
All I have to do is patiently await purple peace.



In my Meditation. {Poem}


Author: Kerry Elam

Editor: Yoli Ramazzina

Photo: Flickr/Wajahat Mahmood

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