September 5, 2015

To All the Sensual Wild-Witches.


For too long you have been told tales of how witches are something to fear. You’ve heard stories of dark spells, black magic and casting curses on anyone who crossed them.

Anyone who is a true witch or knows the meaning of what it is to be a witch knows that all of that is bullsh*t and could not be further from the truth.

Wild-Witch, they do not know that you believe strongly in karma and know that whatever you send out to the universe bounds straight back to you. You are careful with your intentions and though your actions may trip you up at times, your thoughts are harmless and you try damned hard to keep from falling off your path.

You are a wild sexual being and sometimes promiscuous. You crave the taste of elixir waiting for you at the edge of every extreme. You would rather live hard than not at all. You would choose to fall faster than a shooting star than to settle or remain still and unchanged.

For this reason raging thunderous storms excite you and send your pulses pounding insanely. You are also altered by the serene calm moments just before the storm begins.

You, Wild-Witch are at your most passionate when nature is thrashing around and all over you.

Whether it’s the heat of the sun’s kiss on your naked flesh or the wind drying the droplets smearing your cheeks, you ache to be devoured by nature’s touch.

Wild-Witch you amaze me how you are deeply embroiled in a passionate love affair with the moon. Not only does the moon’s light-side put a glint in your eyes, but you find the dark-side deeply soothes your shadow too.

The moon mesmerises you Wild-Witch so much so that you are often left spellbound by its presence and the intoxicating effects it has on you.

Whether the moon is new, full or in between you will be pushed, pulled and sometimes spun far out of control as she orbits the land you exist on. You look to the moon as your greatest teacher and you know that every time she shakes you it is to alert you to the things that do not align with the life you wish to be living.

The moon challenges all Wild-Witches in ways no humans ever could. Each night as you lay to rest you hear the moon whispering softly in your ear. She calls to you and shines to guide you along the long dark roads you often get lost along.

You are powerful, Wild-Witch, far beyond what you will ever realise. You know that your presence sparks fires in all who you come into contact with. That terrifies you at times and you back away as you have often been burnt. Don’t be afraid. Step into the fire as you will always be the one who rises like a phoenix from the ashes.

Trust that you have the ability to fly where others would fall.

Soar and let your freedom stir something in you Wild One. Choose the wilderness and run barefoot and take yourself back to childhood. Of the times you used to believe that fairy-tales weren’t mysterious, they were possibilities. They still are. Faith, Dearest, is all that is needed for them to come true.

You have magic in you. Your healing hands, your swollen heart and your crazy imagination is capable of what others would see as impossible. Never let the doubters cause you to think otherwise. For centuries your brothers and sisters have been dragged down because others have fear of that which they do not understand.

Your time has come to show the world that you are fearless, courageous and above all are a potent creature that has been gifted to earth to break down the barriers that are in place to prevent you from shining.

Wild-Witch you possess seduction, charm and a prowess that others would do anything to destroy. This is the reason that those who have gone before you were cast into an abyss. However, their magic now lives on in you. Don’t push it away, do it justice Wild-Witch, stand tall and be proud to live on in your ancestor’s memory.

The most important thing a Wild-Witch can do is to embrace each part of all that she is—even the parts that may not be so pretty (these are the parts that need loving the most.)

You are beautiful just as you are.

Your awareness is elevated and you are ultra-sensitive to your surroundings. You often just “know” things that others around you most likely don’t. Due to this you will disconnect from society and become introverted and reclusive at times.

You have an inner calling and if you listen you will roam onto the roads that lead you to those who are similar. When you discover kindred-spirits you will bond instantly and your magical powers and inner strength will rise dramatically.

When you find you soul family, your own tribe, you will find your way home.

Now shake your hair loose, take off those shoes, remove the ropes that bind you and be magic.

You are a mystery to most.

Explore it.



How to Attract a Conscious/Evolved Man.


Author: Alex Myles

Editor: Travis May

Photo: Flickr/UweRichterPhotography

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