October 20, 2015

A Traveler’s Guide to Upcycling & Recycling. {Infographic}

Travel has become a defining characteristic of human life in contemporary times.

Currently, it is playing a massive role in reshaping our impact on the planet. With this newfound mobility, it has become more important than ever to travel responsibly.

We’re all guests on this planet, and need to remember that although our world is awe-inspiring and full of countless wonders, it’s also fragile.

A new infographic from Swissôtel focuses on a number of travel essentials such as plastic water bottles, sunscreen bottles, books, suitcases and towels.

As well as highlighting the effects each particular item has on the environment, it mentions the benefits of recycling it, and also provides a guide for how the item can be upcycled in an innovative way.


Recycling & Upcycling for Travellers

Images: Infographic—Swissotel Hotels & Resorts




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Author: Jennifer Forbes

Editor: Travis May

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