October 28, 2015

Embracing Flaws: For those who are always Getting it Wrong, Falling Short & Failing.


We spend so much time, don’t we, engaged with our flaws? And, incidentally, everyone else’s too.

By flaws, I’m talking behaviour and personality right now. Physical flaws are a whole separate topic, but maybe they too might seem a little different by the time we’ve thought about flaws in general from another angle.

We tend to be pretty harsh on our own, don’t you think? Lots of shoulds and oughts come into play:

“I ought to have been more tolerant!”

“I shouldn’t have said the things I did!”

“I ought to have said ‘Yes.’ It wouldn’t have taken me that long, would it? I should have been kinder!”

As in, we’re always getting it wrong, falling short, not doing it right. Failing.

But that’s to completely misunderstand what’s going on here. It’s to get this time/space adventure we’re engaged in completely messed up in our heads. It’s to be thinking that we’re supposed to get it right, or supposed to ever get it done.

That this is what this adventure is all about: becoming perfect.

But supposing that isn’t what we’re here for at all. What if the aim of the adventure is something quite different? Not even remotely about getting it right, at all? Supposing, rather, that our flaws are our greatest asset? Just suppose that, without them, this game we call life couldn’t work at all?

What if we’ve chosen to be here. That, at a soul level, we have decided that it would be fun. And that, while we were about it, we would like to learn some new things that would contribute to the expansion of all that is. And how could we have new experiences, or face new challenges, or grow at all, if we weren’t flawed?

Think about it! How does someone who’s already perfect learn anything new? Where would the pain or excitement or fun come from?

But suppose we orchestrated it all? What an adventure, we will have thought, to inhabit a physical universe, to have a human experience, and to explore consciousness in physical form! To enjoy physicality and the experience of this life fully. To know that every experience we ever have is the universe expanding through us and in us. That we can never get it wrong, we can only grow in love, wisdom, and compassion.

What an amazingly creative thought, we would say to ourselves!

How about we make ourselves forget that we are magnificent beings of light and immense power, sparks of energy existing eternally? How about, instead, we allow voluntary amnesia, and pretend for a while to be separate beings rather than the oneness we actually come from and return to? And wouldn’t it be fun to exist within a holographic universe, existing for a lifetime according to the illusions of time and space?

And here’s the most ingenious part of all: how about we choose the specific flaws which will challenge both us and those with whom we’ll interact in this make-believe adventure—other members of our soul family, with whom we’ve shared experiences over many lifetimes—so that everything is set for our willing and purposeful participation in the expansive growth of a full and complete lifetime.

Just suppose that this is how we get to explore our own uniqueness, our creative potential, our capacity for love and compassion, empathy and understanding, but also for hate, anger, envy, rivalry, destructiveness. In this make believe world, our self-chosen flaws allow us to experience duality, and to know fear, darkness, doubt, evil. And we can choose to play a game in which we gradually relearn our own light, power, and connection, and remember who we are. And most importantly, in the experiencing and perceiving of all this, our spiritual destiny is to grow in love and understanding, compassion, acceptance and wisdom.

And all this is only possible if we forget, for a time, that we are actually powerful beings of light and love and wisdom and, instead, incarnate as flawed human beings plunging whole-heartedly into a sea of amnesia, where our purpose is to find our way back to remembering the love we really are.

We might also choose what, from our flawed human perspective, might seem like “flawed” environments or traumatic beginnings. These might include poverty, cruelty, disease, and disability, grief, alongside the wonderfully loving and joyful aspects of life. We might also choose “themes” which will run through particular lifetimes, which will lead us into a deeper understanding and appreciation of intimacy, love, forgiveness, freedom, oneness.

And it would be helpful for us to be reminded that, when we do choose to incarnate, we come surrounded by so many beings of light, all of whom have known us from the beginning, who have always loved us and always watched over and guided us. We are never ever alone. Never ever without guidance or help. Because that, too, is planned and agreed. That, too, is part of the overall plan. We’re all in this together.

See, once we get how important—indeed, vital, our flaws actually are, lots of things get easier. We don’t blame, we don’t point the finger, we don’t judge. We don’t complain, we don’t feel sorry for ourselves, we don’t say, “Why me?” because we know we chose it, and agreed to it, as did everyone else we come across.

We all agreed on it, and planned the key events beforehand. And no matter how it seems, in this particular playground, and this particular lifetime, we are all the best of friends. Flaws and all!

We are all sparks of the same energy that creates worlds, and so we are all love. It can be no other way. And so instead of berating our flaws, we can focus on learning the lessons we’re here to learn via those flaws, and to those whose flaws cause us to examine our own and grow in compassion, we can say, “What did you come, generously and willingly, to teach me?” Or, “What am I meant to help you to experience/learn?” Or, “You are a mirror for me, thank you for reflecting this back to me.”

Even, “It must have been so hard to be willing to agree to cause me this degree of emotional pain for my own learning. I appreciate what a sacrifice that will have been for you.” Or, “My walking away is part of my journey, and part of yours also. Peace and light.”

What a difference that comprehension makes.

There are no flawed or imperfect human beings here, only willing co-creators in a holographic theatre. Nothing is ever going wrong, and nothing is ever out of control. We are always exactly where we need to be, both for ourselves, and also in relation to everyone and everything else in this ever-expanding web we are weaving.

And that web is composed of love and of light. It is pure loving energy, consciousness, awareness expanding and vibrating, holding us all in the most tender, loving, compassionate embrace. The greater part of who we are is always guiding, sharing, and supporting us. And its nature is love. Always and only love.

Who could possibly see flaws in that?



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Author: Janny Juddly

Editor: Catherine Monkman

Photo: Hartwig HKD/Flickr


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