October 18, 2015

Living Beyond the Wall of Fear.

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I want us to live beyond the wall of fear.

And not just on the other side of it—I want us to completely and utterly smash it to pieces and run into the glorious unknown.

We all have big goals and aspirations for our lives. We all have dreams that we hope will come to fruition.

Ah, hope, that aching feeling somewhere between fear and endless joy.

There came a point in my life, though, where the scales of hope tipped. I was overcome by a feeling that time was moving too quickly and I had to take action now.

Fear, what a nasty beast. It makes us move too soon; it makes us not move at all.

I ended up screaming at the Universe, “I’m doing everything I can here, why won’t you meet me half way?” The answer took a long while to come to me. I was taking all the right steps and actions to reach my desires, but I still had a tight grip on the awful nagging feeling that I wasn’t worthy, that surely what I wanted in life wouldn’t happen for me. I didn’t believe in myself.

It was only when I released this grip and really gave in and became open to any possibilities that things started moving for me.

Imagine holding a bunch of balloons, each one filled with hopes and dreams. These balloons could be filled with anything we desire—to travel, write a book, join a gym class, change jobs, go on a date, build a house, start a business. We can do anything we want, yet we end up holding these desires so tightly that they end up blocking us.

We create a wall of fear that covers our face, our heart, our light. When we do this to ourselves, how can we see the opportunities when they come to us? How can we recognize a new door, a new path, a new possibility?

You see, in confusion we hold our dreams tight for fear of losing them. We keep them guarded and close to our hearts; however, with them there we can do all the right things and hope for a great outcome and nothing will happen if that wall of fear is in front of us.

Here are six things we can do to remove unnecessary fear from our lives:

Stop! Breathe.

Let’s take some time to address the fear. I want to let you in on a secret: Fear is mostly only doubt dressed up in wolves’ clothing. And doubt is something we can tackle. Find out where it comes from. Instead of focusing on what could go wrong, begin to imagine what could go right.

Visualize doing what you are afraid to do.

I mean for real. Meditate even; see those desires coming to life.

We should never apologize for who we are and what we want. We have all made mistakes; we will most definitely make some more. Accept them as part of life.

Do It Anyway.

I would rather look back on my life and laugh at my efforts than regret not trying at all. Once the first step is taken, the other ones aren’t quite so hard.

Let go.

We can do what we have to do, then give it up in faith that our dreams will come true. These dreams are ours to keep for as long as we like, but instead of using them as a block, let’s visualize those balloons and tie them to our wrists, letting them float up above us. They will still be with us; they go where we go, except now we can see.

We have removed our restricted view with restricting options and have opened ourselves to a new unrestricted way to live—one without a wall of fear. I would still be manifesting to no avail if that sucker was still in place!

Shine Bright. 

I know this for sure: When we jump beyond that fear-labelled wall we lived behind, something amazing happens. We become a beacon. When we let our natural light shine and freely give it to others, not only do we allow good things to come to us, but miraculously our actions inspire others to do the same. Can you imagine what kind of incredible ripple effect this can have?

…And this last tip is a little “woo woo,” but it’s also really simple:


This has been the backbone of my growth and the destruction of my wall of fear. What do you want to be that you feel you aren’t yet?

Say it out loud: “I am…”

I am worthy! I inspire! I am magnetic! There’s something in them, something that kick starts our brain, our heart, our soul.

The Law of Attraction is in full swing now. When situations arise in our life where we would normally crumble, these affirmations take over. Say them daily like you would brush your hair, make your bed or drink your morning coffee.

Shine bright with me, colorful souls. Let’s smash our walls together; let’s send our light outward.

Good things will follow, I promise.


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Author: Danielle Burrows

Editor: Toby Israel

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