October 13, 2015

My 2-Year-Old’s Message from the Angels.

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“It’s not your imagination. Sometimes a ‘coincidence’ comes with a lot of angelic effort.” – Unknown

I no longer hide the fact that I talk to angels, Spirit Guides and sometimes God. It’s been going on most of my life but amped up about 50 notches the year my marriage fell apart, and I fell apart with it.

My angels and guides had been speaking to me the two years before “the incident” that blew my life up into smithereens. I heard them loudly. They were very insistent and specific. They gave me dates, times, places and a name—the name of the person I was supposed to “watch out” for. They showed me visions in my dreams.

But the visions were so horrible I convinced myself they were just paranoid worries of an insecure wife and swept them under the carpet so I didn’t have to face any hard truths.

When I wouldn’t listen, they started manifesting physical symptoms in my body: throbbing headaches, a racing heart, then full blown panic attacks. I couldn’t deny what was happening anymore. I knew The Divine wanted me to know something even though I wanted to bury my head in the sand and ignore it.

At this point I was six months pregnant with my beautiful daughter Kaia, the one I had seen vividly in my dreams the past few years. I used to describe her to my non-angel believing husband at the time, down to her dark straight hair, brown eyes and cute button nose that is identical to mine. And wouldn’t you know, she showed up and looks identical to the little girl I used to see in my dreams.

It’s pretty typical that if someone in your family has the gift of “knowing” and communicating with angels, Spirits and guides, one of your children is going to have it too. I knew with 100 percent certainly it would be my daughter. I knew my daughter’s soul had chosen the exact moment she was going to come into my world. She knew what was about to happen. At that point, it was already happening and I believe she consciously chose that moment in time to come in and help her momma survive what would be some of the most painful, insufferable moments of my life.

So when I had her, I heard a voice in the delivery room say to me, “Here she is, just like we showed you. And she knows why she is here.” At the time, I didn’t know what that meant. I chalked it up to all the drugs coursing through my body post-delivery.

My daughter just turned two and her communication and comprehension skills are still developing. I don’t talk to her about anything deeper than what we’re about to do with our day, asking her questions about what she wants and telling her how much I love her.

But my soul speaks to hers in our quiet moments together. When she rests her head on my chest every night, my heart speaks to hers about my hopes and dreams, my worries and concerns and my overwhelming gratitude to her for coming into my life.

One night I was having a particularly difficult time with her and couldn’t get her to sleep. After going into her room for the third time and rocking her on my lap, I silently prayed to my angels to help me. I was tired and sick again and I needed to get some rest. There is nobody here to help and my five-year-old son still needed me to spend time with him and get him to bed.

About five minutes later, my daughter lifts her head from my chest and looks up at the ceiling. She points and says, “Mommy, angels!” Then pauses a moment, “God… God here.”

I stayed calm despite every bone in my body wanting to scream, “Where? Where are they? What do they look like Kaia?? What are they saying?” I calmly asked her, “You see angels?”

She smiled, “Yes, angels. Here. And God.” Then she put her head back on my chest and fell fast asleep.

I had a particularly hard week this past week. One of grieving again over things that are in the past. I don’t know what triggered the sadness, but it came on so full force I had to pull over on the freeway because I was having a panic attack just like the ones I had right before my life blew apart.

That night, it was just me and my daughter and we were doing the normal bedtime routine. She was laying on my chest about to fall asleep when she picked her head up and said, “Angels here.”

This time I perked up and said, “Oh wow. Really? What are the angels doing baby?”

She said, “They are with God. God is painting.”

I asked her what God was painting and she just kept saying “Red. He’s painting red.”

I felt intuitively there was some reason they had come again so I asked her, “Does God want me to know something Kaia?”

She put her hand on my heart and patted it. Then said, “Mommy is home. Here…your heart. Home.”

And then she fell asleep. And I wept with her in my arms.

Because I don’t believe a two-year-old can make this stuff up. If I had prodded her, maybe. But I was simply sitting there rocking her to sleep.

I believe we all have angels and spirits trying to guide us. You may not be able to hear them, but they are there. There is so much proof in my life, I could write an entire book about it. (And think sometimes maybe I should!)

They come to us in quiet whispers, intuitive thoughts in our head, and powerful gnawing feelings we just cant explain.

Listen to them. They are your angels and Spirit Guides speaking to you. And they have something to say.

This week mine were saying to me, “It’s okay to still grieve the loss of your marriage. To feel sad that things aren’t as you thought they would be. But we are here. And you are home. Even when you feel like you have no one, God and home are inside your heart.”

And if I ever need a reminder, all I have to remember is my beautiful two-year-old’s dialogue with the angels.



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