October 19, 2015

The M.I.L.F.—Why Moms Really do it Better. {Adult}




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“Sexy is the woman who knows exactly what she wants, what she needs and isn’t afraid to go after it herself.”        ~ Unknown

What makes a woman truly sexy isn’t the skin she is showing—but the amount of confidence she is radiating.

While we have all heard of the slightly profane M.I.L.F.description of a mother—there is some truth as to why mothers do it better.

When we are young, we don’t fully realize the beautiful skin we are in.

We often compare ourselves to the models in fashion magazines and spend far too much time and money chasing an impossible fantasy.

We measure our beauty and our sexiness by numbers on a scale and the size of our favorite pair of jeans.

We don’t realize that our sexiness lies far deeper than the blush of our cheeks.

Our youth is wasted on the insecurities and the spoon-fed beliefs that something as shallow as perfection can ultimately define our sexiness.

And then we have children and see our bodies change in ways we never anticipated.

We gain weight and see our hips and breasts expand—we gain tiger stripes as proof that we created and carried life within our amazing bodies.

We give birth and end up with scars—slowly realizing that our bodies will never be the same again.

But the secret of the M.I.L.F. is that she okay with it—she welcomes these changes.

Because she knows it is these marks of life that ultimately separate her from the girls. They are a part of what makes her a truly sexy woman.

She may lose the weight and see her body return similar to what it was—but there is a difference in her gait and the way in which she carries herself.

Because the secret of true womanhood lies in the realization that her sexiness is something that can only come with age.

The M.I.L.F. doesn’t try to pretend she is something she’s not—because she knows that she is pretty damn fabulous.

She has come to love every square inch of her body—tiger stripes, C-section scars and all.

Her body has become a god damn map of all the amazingness that she has experienced—not only that, but a M.I.L.F. wants her lover to explore every single backroad on her body.

She is at home with the way her hips are bit a softer, and the way her bare breasts look underneath a cotton tank.

She knows that who she is now—while far from perfect—is so much sexier and real than she ever was in her 20s, before kids.

She knows how to move through this life radiating sex appeal—whether it’s while she is caressing her lover’s skin or making breakfast for her children, barefoot in the kitchen.

A M.I.L.F. is a woman who makes love to every moment of her day.

And not only does she have no problem admitting how much she loves sex—she also has the confidence to ask for exactly what she wants.

There truly is no greater lover than the M.I.L.F.

Not only is she at home in her sensuality—but she is a mother first and foremost, and that role follows her everywhere.

Mothers have been desensitized to the body’s odd quirks, so nothing will ever gross her out, or be too much.

After all—she’s seen it all.

And when she is in the moment with her lover—a M.I.L.F. doesn’t stop at just casual sex.

She has learned that whatever she gives herself too, she does so completely.

So, she is the lover that will try anything—that will spend hours tracing her lovers skin with her tongue, because she knows that this is the ultimate expression of her womanly energy to a deserving partner.

A M.I.L.F. isn’t just an attractive woman who has children—she is the one who embodies the goddesses true qualities—and she knows how to use them.

She is the one walking around nude in the middle of the day, after a session of love making, because she has no desire to hide the curves from a lover who just finished ravaging them.

Because what truly defines a M.I.L.F. is the way she is comfortable in her skin—reveling in it.

The single M.I.L.F. is a greater treasure, because she tends to make the rules up as she goes.

Whether she is single by choice or circumstance, she has experienced life in the out of order sequence that only a true rebel can—so she goes with the flow in her relationships with men.

Yet as free and sensual as this woman is—she knows how to make a home and sustain life—which makes her even sexier.

A M.I.L.F. will make her lover orgasm, in ways he never thought possible, while providing comfort for him, like he has never known before.

Because a mother knows that the sexiest thing she can do is to show up and appreciate her partner in all of his glorious ways.

She is at home in her body, the bedroom and in life itself.

And it is these qualities that truly define not just any woman—but a M.I.L.F.

Because sometimes only a mother will do.



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Author: Kate Rose

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

Photo: wikimedia

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