October 5, 2015

Using our Personal Astrology to Pick a Halloween Costume.

A lot goes into choosing a Halloween costume.

Some of us love the process while others hem and haw over whether to dress up or not.

However we go about choosing—one thing is always certain. There’s always going to be a flavor of individuality that comes out in each of us, on one of the biggest holidays of the year.

In the coming weeks, many of us will start seeing tons of ghosts, goblins and witches come out in full force. Halloween décor will be everywhere—including the internet. It will decorate the stores where we shop as well as light up the houses in our neighborhoods. Tickets to visit haunted this and haunted that will be everywhere we turn.

Some of us are more lax on the Halloween vibe while others enjoy taking it to the max. Most kids love Halloween and their parents go along with it for the kids—but, more often than not, the kid in us does reveal itself. I’ll admit I had a little fun this morning with my four-year-old singing some Halloween songs at his pre-school.

At the end of the day, the biggest question is whether or not we’re dressing up.

Some delight in the idea, while others do it only to appease someone else.

Whether we’re forced into dressing up or jump in willingly, it’s interesting to see what our final costume choice is. Interesting things can happen when we’re given the freedom to become whoever we want for a few hours.

Halloween is one of the most creative holidays of the year. It’s the time of year tap into our creative side. Who we are, on a deep level, is revealed—whether we realize it or not.

Some prefer to keep it traditional and go with the age old witch, ghost or scary monster. Others have fun bringing their playful sides out and get creative with original or trendy looks. Of course many leave tradition aside and opt for sexy, flirty and fun–no matter what the cost.

Being an astrologer, I always find correlations in people’s costume choices to their personal astrology.

Each of the 12 Zodiac signs has a unique way of expressing itself. The astrological traits we carry naturally come out when choosing our costume. Halloween is the night to celebrate each of our individual styles to the fullest and our personal astrology will always play part in what we opt to wear.

Here’s a fun little list of how I see each sign’s astrological traits affecting the choice of Halloween costume.

Perhaps you can relate with one, none or all of them. It’s always important to remember that there’s a lot more to our personal astrology than just one sign. If you know your rising sign—read for that one first because that is the sign that will be most prominent in overall costume choice.

Aries: The color red is usually prominent in an Aries costume pick. They are attracted to this bright and bold color. Fire tends to live within them, after all. They are fearless fighters at heart. They may pick a costume that shows off their inner warrior and brave heart. They might throw caution to the wind, if prompted, and won’t care too much about other’s opinions. Tell them they can’t wear it and watch them show it off well. Warrior princess, huntress, Spartan warrior, red devil, Little Red Riding Hood or fighting ninja come to mind.

Taurus: Above all things—let a Taurus pick their own costume. We’ll never coax them into a choice they aren’t into. If pushed, their stubborn side could be aroused. Fear not because their choice will always turn heads—in a good way. Charming and fashionable come to mind. Luxury, beauty and anything that feels good is what Taurus loves the most. They may pick an earthy costume or one that embodies a mantra of peaceful thinking. Taurus loves to splurge on quality style and looks good no matter what—especially their makeup which is more subtle. I picture a warrior woman, a Greek God/Goddess or a peace and love Hippie.

Gemini: Gemini will probably put quite some thought into their costume pick. The child inside of them will want to come out as they ponder the possibilities. They might opt to pair up with someone and have a costume that works as a team. Gemini is the sign of the twins because it’s a dual natured sign. This means that we might see a hidden side of them emerge, as their creativity runs loose. Colorful is another thing we’ll see with their choice, because they tend to love bright things. Gemini also loves to laugh, so their pick might make us laugh out loud. I picture Cruella Deville, Dr. Seuss’s Thing #1 and Thing #2, Minions, Mad Hatter or a clown.

Cancer: Emotions are what Cancer is all about. They are caretakers at heart. They are the first ones to invite everyone over for some homemade Halloween goodies. They will likely put a lot of emotion into their costume choice and ponder the possibilities carefully. Since this sign likes the past, they might be swayed towards choosing an important historical figure. They also wouldn’t be opposed to re-using a costume from a past Halloween and revamping it a little. I picture Mary Poppins, a renaissance lady, a flapper or a nurse.

Leo: Nobody loves a stage or audience more than a Leo. They will likely be the first to choose a famous, flashy rock star or celebrity icon. Leo is also the sign most connected to children, so they may have the most fun dressing up with their kids. They might tease their hair or make it look really big—like a lion’s mane for the big event. No matter what their costume choice, we will surely notice them. Their costume will turn heads. I picture big sunglasses, a feather boa around their neck and a loud leopard print coat all in one ensemble. Other choices might include any popular superhero such as Batman, Superman or Superwoman.

Virgo: A Virgo’s costume will likely be a traditional pick minus the gore. Being more health conscious than most, they likely won’t want to wear any guts or goo. They can make any costume work and their final look will always be flawless. If you see a thought out and organized costume, a Virgo probably put it together. I picture Princess Leia, a suited up business man, a doctor, the traditional white ghost, Snow White or a toga man.

Libra: This sign needs to work together with someone in order to finalize their choice. Relationships are key with Libra. A costume that involves another person is highly likely. If they have a partner in crime, they will want to dress up together as a couple. They won’t do flashy but being fashionable is a priority. I picture a Kim and Kanye costume, The characters from the Wizard of Oz or Goldilocks and the three bears.

Scorpio: Nobody loves Halloween more than a Scorpio. It’s their favorite holiday and we’ll probably see this sign show up in the very best costume. They’ve likely been thinking about it since last Halloween. Dark is what Scorpio loves—so the scarier the better when it comes to dressing up. Scorpios also have a beautiful and intriguing mystery about them. Sex appeal is something that comes naturally and they’ll love putting on lots of dark makeup. I picture black cats, witches, vampires, zombies, gangsters and black widows with tons of props including lots of fake blood.

Sagittarius: The ultimate freedom fighter, open-minded sign will likely wear a costume that connects with their inner spirit. A Sagittarius will naturally be attracted to anything that involves being free. They are also connected to international cultures and protecting rights. Anything that’s associated with a horse might also be appealing. I picture a gypsy, fairy, runaway bride, law enforcement (policeman/woman), French maid, cowboy or cowgirl.

Capricorn: Serious and traditional is what Capricorn is all about. Black is their favorite color and they will always want to wear it above anything else. Thankfully black is a popular color on Halloween. They will likely poo-poo fad type costumes and most of them probably wouldn’t dress up, if given a choice. Their preference is going to be classic/ageless style that shines to perfection. I picture Maleficent, a witch and a wicked wolf. Any icon with high cheekbones will work well with them, since that is a classic Capricorn trait.

Aquarius: Rebellion is what Aquarius strives for. Their choice will be something “out of the ordinary” or unique because they like to stand out and be different. Aquarius is also connected to math and science fiction. It’s the sign of genius. I picture a mad scientist, escaped prisoner, pirate, bride of Frankenstein, and a headless man.

Pisces: Pisces will likely awe us with their costume pick. Fairy tales and elements of the sea are themes that tend to choose. Lace is a favorite of Pisces and will likely show up in their costume. I picture Cinderella, a belle of the ball, a mermaid, Neptune, a pirate and a fairy godmother.


Eco-Inspired Halloween Costume Ideas.


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Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

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