November 4, 2015

A Letter to a Beautiful Dreamer.

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Dear Beautiful Dreamer,

I have heard you talking in your sleep. I sit ready to comfort you in your throes of unconsciousness, to hold the light in that space for the moment when you awaken. It’s what we do for each other as we accept those moments of sleep, when the other makes little sense, when the moment seems steeped in melancholy.

Yes, I have heard you. Now, please hear me.

You are loved, and you know it. You are wanted, and you see it. You are thought of, and so reminded.

Yet, you must get out of the way to know it all. You must open your heart to accept every morsel. You must still your mind to hear the beckoning of love, and you must choose love’s path to feel it walk beside you.

I am here, waiting. With renewed strength in a hand meant to hold yours, I am here. Fueled by a reborn conviction to a truth so simple in its being, I burn brightly so you may find me. With the utmost humility of a man once crumbled to the ground, I stand tall to bow my head in holy reverence to the serenity of the space we share.

Nothing should be so easy, yet no challenge will prove so hard. No summit worth climbing is not without its danger, yet no view worth dying for has meaning until it’s shared. Come see it with me. Let’s embrace upon some high mountaintop and shout screams of ecstasy to the world around us. Let’s touch the sky with earthly fingertips and kiss as our heavenly wings take flight to warm our hearts above the stars.

One cannot pause inevitability, and one cannot stop the winds of fate from blowing. I will see you there, as you sleep, as you awaken, and as you remember…

Sweet dreams for now, love. I will be here when you rise. I will remind you of your power in your moments of weakness. I will sing sweet lullabies to you in moments of restlessness, and I will soothe your tired bones when the burden seems to be too much to bear. When the moment becomes too much I will be the whisper from your soul reminding you that you are beautiful.

You will see me in the white-capped turmoil of the stormy sea, and in the reflection smiling back at you when the waters are their calmest. You will hear me in the light splashes of children playing and feel me in the ripples made as a lover tries to wipe away the moments we have shared. You will whimper in my memory and bristle as my fingertips touch the rough-ridged scars masterfully painted on the surface of your mind.

You will reach for me in your delight and fall silent as you grasp at empty air. You will know me as a wisp of smoke in the happy places, and you will speak of me in sadness because you never sought the fire that gave me life. You will know comfort in the pain, joy in the agony, and solace in your moments of despair simply because you choose to, and I will remind you sweetly of the power of your own divinity.

There are no moments lost here, my love. Eyes that blink still can see, and hearts at rest know the power of their rhythm. There is no error in the darkness, no defeat in our beautiful surrender. There is only me, there is only love. Our awakened minds see love everywhere, and our heightened senses feel it in every breath of life we share. Feel it through me, with me, and know that you are loved beyond measure despite what other voices you may hear.

There is no wrong in the spaces that we share, and once you stop seeing wrong in yourself, you will stop seeing it in others. There is no battle to be waged, or fight to be fought, save for the wars you choose to wage.

You judge others as harshly as you judge yourself, and you see yourself at least as ugly as you describe them to be. You will see the good in things when you truly see the good in you, and you will find yourself embracing this life with a vigor unequaled in your experience once you have fully embraced yourself.

When you get there, I will be there too.

For now, I will walk with you along the pathways you choose to walk, watching you follow the same footprints while you stumble on the same things. I’ll hold you close as you focus on thorns despite the efforts of the rose, and I’ll allow the tears to fall upon ground made barren by their abundance. I know when you are ready the fertile soil will return, and the fragrances offered to you will be vindicated beyond belief.

Good night, my love. I will see you in the morning.



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Author: Tom Grasso

Editor: Catherine Monkman

Photo: Geralt/Pixabay


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