November 24, 2015

Fearless in the Face of Terror: How to Stand Up.

Can we be human and feel all the suffering on the earth?

Can we stop supporting the suffering? Can we use our bodies to tune in and drop into our hearts?

The outpouring of support for France was and is moving.

But, before the shootings in France there was the burning and slashing of Indonesia’s rainforests. The Syrian war has been a decade in the making. Homelessness, poverty, destruction, terror, and an epidemic of global fear unfold on a daily basis.

We know this.

The political pissing contest and power struggle seems to be never-ending.

I recently re-watched the documentary Thrive. It talks about the suppression of inventions and techniques that would offer free energy, cures to cancer, and the hope of a collaborative society.

We also know this.

Thanks to the internet many people are aware of the unscrupulous deeds of Monsanto Corporation. They have started to patent seeds, which means they can control the food chain.

The crash of 2008 and the bail-out that followed was a demonstration of the outcomes of what printing money and giving loans that had no backing in gold or resources can do.

Petulance, ruin, destruction, immorality and the whirlpool that comes with “being in the middle” can feel defeating. But, don’t be defeated.

We can each make a difference. It just takes one choice.

Pick one thing to stand for.

For instance, if you want to save the oceans, then stop using plastic products. Or don’t go out to eat. If you must have convenient food, then buy an apple, a banana, or some two ingredient meal that you can pack in Pyrex containers. Keep it simple.

If you want to stop the trafficking of young girls, then stop watching porn. Make choices for people who won’t make that choice. Cancel them out. Make your stance known. Wear a ribbon or wear one of those “Live Strong” type bracelets.

If you are interested in healthy drinking water, then stand against fracking and agricultural waste. Become a vegetarian who eats only organic and local food. You would be surprised what amazing meals you can make in a Nutri-bullet or a blender. Your body can thrive on fruits and vegetables and plant proteins. But, not every body can. So maybe you pick something different to stand for.

The point is to pick at least one thing and align your behaviors with your belief.

Words are dead without action. Don’t just give to charity and then get on with your life. Make new choices that effect the chain of supply and demand.

Make enough money and live humbly. Be prosperous. Speak prosperous words into your life. Proclaim dominion over your body and mind.

The lesson of being human is to take care of our body so that our souls can inhabit it as one would occupy a temple. Rise up with the dawn of your awakening and be not fearful of the shadows. Now is the time for heroic feats and everyday miracles.

We can stand up against the classroom bullies. We can be the kids who grow into the adults who keep asking “Why?”

We can save lives through our own sacrifices. We can be champions.

Some people won’t agree. Some will. Some will want to hold onto their guns because that is what they choose to stand up for. Others will justify watching porn as a “way to spice up sex.” There are points of view about everything that are swirling around the world like weather patterns in the atmosphere.

Most of what we think didn’t originate with us. It is just something we picked up on, plugged into, and acted out of.
The drought in California is the result of a collective state of consciousness.

As my friend Jennifer says,

“You don’t exist. You are just pure potential. Who is the you that is thinking about you?”

Absorb that and be that spacious. We are powerful creators.

This is not mumbo jumbo.

If you’ve been paying attention to scientific news, something just came out of a black hole. This means all the theories that we thought were “true” are now in flux. Truth is not law.

Right where you are, you have the potential to effect the quantum field. Our planet needs your voice, is crying out for you to take action.

So, maybe don’t go to Starbucks today. Maybe shop local. Ask more questions. Do the work to stay embodied rather than check out. Listen as much as you talk. Form your own opinion without making someone else wrong. Navigate being pure potential with grace. Breathe a little deeper.

In doing all or even one of these things, not only do we join a movement—we become it.

Start now.

Stand up.


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Author: Rebekah McClaskey

Editor: Khara-Jade Warren

Image: Author’s own


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