November 12, 2015

How Being Scared & Embarrassed will Change Your Life. {Video}


Trying anything new is hard.

It is so easy to read inspiring quotes about the magic happening outside of our comfort zones, but when we actually step out of our comfort zones, no one talks about the murky feelings that exist out there.

In order to get to that magic, we have to wade through a cesspool of uncomfortable, awkward, and embarrassing moments.

All of a sudden I’m a 31 year old being out-climbed by eight year olds in the gym, or I’m crying while walking down a mountain bike trail because I’m scared with all of my friends waiting ahead.

Of course these moments tend not to make our Instagram accounts or other social feeds, but for every beautiful climbing shot, mountain bike jump, or even balancing yoga pose posted online, there are at least 100 other moments of  supremely awkward and embarrassing experiences to get us that place.

Anyone who has waded out into the embarrassment sludge will tell you that these experiences aren’t fun, at least not in the traditional sense—the activities that take us outside of our comfort zone are know as Type 2 Fun (that is fun that is only fun in hindsight).


The author happy after pushing through some Type 2 fun.

As my own source of inspiration with new activities, I decided to profile Dan Proudfoot, someone who is never short on daily happiness—and daily adventures—even during difficult times. So I hope this short video inspires you to get outside, try something hard, get out of your comfort zone, be uncomfortable, and find true happiness.


Dan Proudfoot Climbing in Eldorado Canyon



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