November 11, 2015

A Relationship Manifest. {Poem}

Loke Inkid/Pixoto

Speak softly a few lines of poetry to me.

Dazzle your eyes at me.

Kiss me.

Just promise that you’ll never belittle me.


Please me.

Massage me.

Crack jokes for me.

Just enjoy the who I’m meant to be.


Seek me.

Tease me.

See the light and dark within me.

Just don’t forgo who you are while being with me.


Linger with me.

Kiss me.

Wrap your arms around me.

Just never lie to me.


Caress me.

Play with me.

Sing out-of-tune with me.

Just believe that you always will be the one who motivates me.


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Author: Jessie Wright

Editor: Nicole Cameron

Image: Loke Inkid/Pixoto

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