December 18, 2015

5 Ways to Attract Wealth with Feng Shui.

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Feng shui is the Chinese art of placement, but it’s more than just moving furniture around. It’s a deeply contemplative philosophy and way of life.

Everything in the spaces around us holds energy that influences us. By far the most popular topic in feng shui tends to be, “How does one attract more abundance?”

Below are five feng shui tips to enhance wealth using feng shui techniques:

1. Bring Water into the Home.

People often get very excited about adding a fountain to their homes for feng shui. Water fountains have a soothing sound and can be very calming. In feng shui philosophy, water represents the flow of wealth, therefore a fountain can attract this energy. A fountain is best placed near the entry of a home. We should aim to have the water moving directionally towards the center of the space, rather than back out the door.

If the water moves into the home, money will move in too. If the water is directed out the home, the money will leave!

2. Helpful People.

There’s a feng shui map called the Bagua (a three by three grid with eight guas, or areas, and a center). This map has an area associated with wealth and abundance in the top left corner. However, this area is diagonally opposite the gua related to benefactors and helpful people. When we have support (from benefactors and helpful people), it’s easier to attract wealth. Therefore, I’ve found that it’s more effective to adjust both areas in a bedroom.

When walking into a bedroom, from the front door looking in, the two guas are “Abundance,” in the far left corner, and “Benefactors,” in the closest right corner. We can activate both of these areas with a new green plant and/or a piece of citrine in each corner. The green plant encourages growth and new beginnings, while the citrine crystals attract abundance and clear any stuck energy.

3. Stove and Wealth.

The stove in a kitchen is related to wealth in feng shui, because it symbolizes and affects how we nourish ourselves in the world. If we are healthy enough to work, we can have wealth. Therefore, it’s best to keep this area as clean as possible. Yes, it’s time to scrub off the caked grease.

Keep it clean! The cleaner it is, the more we’re able to attract abundance in our lives. It’s also better to have more burners; the more burners, the more wealth. A well-placed mirror that reflects burners energetically can multiply them, therefore multiplying opportunities for abundance.

4. Expanding Opportunities.

How we use the stove and its burners also relates to wealth. First of all, we should be sure to use the stove daily if possible, if only to boil water. It’s important to activate the fire energy of the stove every day. Second, do you have a favorite burner? Mine is currently the front left one. Feng shui encourages us not use our favorite burners all the time.

Mix it up! It’s easy to move along in life doing everything on autopilot; however, things stay the same with this sort of attitude. A reminder each morning to not go to the same favorite comfy burner, but rather consciously choose another, lets the universe know that we want to enhance cash flow and opportunities.

5. New Wallet.

Yes, feng shui concepts can extend to our wallets. It’s part of our personal space! Take an honest look at that wallet. If it’s old, tattered, cluttered or anything less than desirable, similar to what we’d hope our financial lives to be like, it’s time to get a new one. How we treat our money affects how it will treat us.

Yes, this is permission to get that nice, new wallet. Thank the old one for its energy and support. Then welcome the new wallet and energize some positive new wealth qi into life.

Feng shui can help us across life in any number of ways, but one of the most popular sets of adjustments is aimed at welcoming more wealth. While wealth isn’t the most important thing in life by any means, financial stability is pretty necessary, and feng shui can help ensure this stability.

No matter where we are in life, chances are we could all benefit from a few of these small, but effective, changes to welcome abundance and a full life.


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Author: Anjie Cho

Editor: Toby Israel

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