December 20, 2015

Lie on Me. {Adult Poem}


Lie on me.

I want to feel the full weight of your being

Pressing down on me as we kiss.

I want to feel your heartbeat

As we greedily grab at each other’s flesh.

I want to feel you twitch against my inner thigh

As you swell and harden.

I want to feel you tremble

As my own excitement builds.

I want you to press and rub against me

As I moisten and get ready for you.


I want you to stay low

So we can still kiss while you slowly move inside me

And remain so entwined

That we don’t know where one ends

And the other begins.


And when my moaning turns to gasps

I want you to ride me until I spasm and cry out.

I want you to join me in that blissful, climactic moment

So we both roar and collapse in harmony—

Totally spent.



I’m Drawn to You. {Poem}

You and Me—a Fantasy. {Adult Poem}

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