December 29, 2015

Love Lives Here. {Poem}

Michelle Garayburu/Flickr

It’s funny, isn’t it, how love takes on a life of her own once we let her in.

We open the door, but really, we are the gatekeepers of our hearts in name only. Some forces are bigger than us.

But I think there’s something beautiful about that vulnerability in the face of something far greater. Something beautiful about the fact that when we open ourselves to love, to trust, to friendship, to human connection, in many ways we hand the keys over to our deeper selves and take a back seat.

That is in no way an argument against free choice; we may do as we like once love moves in—our choices remain ours. However, I’m not sure we’re able to kick love out if she decides to stay.

The realization is equal parts terrifying and humbling.


A Poem on Love, who Decided to Stay:

Love lives here.
We built a dwelling for her
On a shaky foundation,
But Love
didn’t care.

Love flipped her fire engine hair
over her shoulder
And stepped right on in,
Suitcase in hand—
Payed the cab for just
a one way fare.

And now there are cracks
in the walls
And the ceiling caves in
in that one spot over there,
But Love?
She just sits back
in her easy chair,
Watching the rain
leak through the window panes.

We should have put
a warning on the door:
Under Construction,
Two Young Contractors
On The Job;
Enter At Your Own Risk.
But we just left the key
Under the flower pot
And told Love
to let herself in.

And now Love lives here
in the home we built
and nearly burnt back to the ground—
Her china’s all laid out
on the mantel
And she has a closet full of dresses
in the master bedroom.

Love lives here.
And darling,
I don’t think she’s leaving.


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Author: Toby Israel

Images: Rob “Berto” Bennett/Flickr // Michelle Garayburu/Flickr


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